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Clifford Sterling just may have outlived his usefulness to the corporation... to its stockholders. I should think his successor would be a foregone conclusion, especially if you're the one to actually make this thing work.
~ Terence Wheeler

Terence Wheeler is the secondary antagonist of the 1992 Disney film Honey, I Blew Up the Kid, the sequel to Honey, I Shrunk the Kids. He was a high-ranking board member of Sterling Labs who is allied with Dr. Charles Hendrickson.

He was portrayed by Gregory Sierra.


Wheeler started as a loyal board member of Dr. Clifford Sterling of Sterling Labs, but as time went by, Wheeler starts to develop distrust towards Sterling, especially when the latter heard that Wayne Szalinski has created a shrinking machine and becomes in charge of a project that involves using the machine in enlarging objects. However, Wheeler is not happy about this as he intends to have Hendrickson take over the project; even Hendrickson gets the lab's security personnel to bar Wayne from using the equipment without his permission.

Upon learning that Wayne's 2-year-old son Adam has grown to 14 feet due to an accidental power surge at the lab, Hendrickson intends to use the opportunity to take full control of the project; even when Wayne and his wife Diane brought in their original shrinking machine to reverse the effects, Hendrickson instead arranges for Adam to be locked up in a truck and prepared for testing rather than letting Wayne and Diane shrink him back, much to Wayne's complete outrage. However, Adam grows bigger (due to the truck passing alongside high-voltage lines) and escapes, and Sterling fires Hendrickson before helping the Szalinskis in shrinking Adam back to normal size.

Upon hearing what happened, Wheeler furiously decides to take action by formulating a boardroom coup against Sterling so that Hendrickson can take over the labs and subdue Adam at all costs. As such, Hendrickson formulates a nefarious plot in authorizing an airstrike by the Nevada State Militia with tranquilizer cartridges. The pilot captain Ed Myerson is reluctant to go along with this plan (and even admits to being a father of two kids himself), but Wheeler produces the required paperwork for the operation, allowing Hendrickson to take off in the helicopter.

However, Wayne foils this by using his original machine to enlarge Diane so that she can comfort Adam, allowing Wayne to finally shrink both Diane and Adam back to their normal sizes. Diane then confront Hendrickson for trying to shoot Adam with the tranquilizer cartridges before punching him out.

It can be implied that Wheeler would be exposed of his coup against Sterling and ends up being fired and arrested on the charges of child abuse and reckless endangerment.


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