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Teridax's Rahkshi are the group of antagonists that appeared in the 2003 storyline of the BIONICLE series. They are the group of Rahkshi, who were created by Makuta Teridax when he learned about the existence of the Kanohi Avohkii and the prophecy of the coming of the 7th Toa as he tasked them with seeking the herald of the 7th Toa and capturing him in order to prevent the prophecy from becoming true.


Following the discovery of the Kanohi Avohkii by both the Matoran, Jaller and Takua, at the same time in his lair, Makuta Teridax also have forseen the prophecy of the coming of the 7th Toa as the prophecy foretold that the 7th Toa will defeat him and reawaken the Great Spirit Mata Nui. Fearing that his darkness will disappear forever, Teridax uses his Kraata to create the three Rahkshi: Guurahk, Lerahk and Panrahk before he sent the three of them to seek Takua , who had became the herald of the 7th Toa and capture him.

List of Members

  • Turahk - leader/deceased
  • Kurahk - deceased
  • Vorahk - deceased
  • Guurahk - deceased
  • Lehrak - deceased
  • Panrahk - deceased