That's the dance I'll be doing on the Titans' graves!
~ Terra in the episode Operation Dude Rescue
I hate Beast Boy! Hate! HATE! HATE! HATE!
~ Terra talking to herself (As Raven and Beast Boy were watching in Teen Titans Go!).

Tara Markov mainly known as Terra, is a fictional character and a recurring villain in the 2013 DC Animated Super-Hero TV Series, Teen Titans Go!. This iteration of Terra is based on DC Comics supervillainess of the same name. She also appears as a minor antagonist in the video game, LEGO Dimensions.

She was voiced by Ashley Johnson who also voiced Terra's 2003 counterpart.


Teen Titans Go! Terra

Terra in Teen Titans Go!.

Terra appeared as the main antagonist in the episodes "Terra-ized", "Be Mine", and "Rock and Water". In "Terra-ized", she appeared as Beast Boy's "girlfriend", but was not even close to being fond with him. Terra only did it just to learn and use all of the Titan's secrets/weaknesses while working for her unknown boss (though fans suspected that her boss' identity was Slade/Deathstroke as he usually being her master/boss). Unlike the original series, where her nature was hidden, Terra does this in a very obvious matter whereas only Beast Boy and Cyborg did not know about it. For her personality, Terra is not nice at all, though her abilities were the same but her proficiency is far better than her 2003 TV series counterpart. In the end, she almost got away with the intel after leaving Beast Boy, but was stopped by Raven, who banished her to another dimension.

In "Be Mine", Terra had been stuck in another dimension for 6 months (which revealed as where the Titans throw away their trash). She vows to get revenge on Teen Titans, especially Beast Boy (as he is not a competent pawn to her). On Valantine's Day, Beast Boy helped her escape by using a rope. Beast Boy was still into her, but Terra wanted revenge against the Teen Titans (especially him). While Beast Boy was in denial, Raven was able to show him survelliance of what Terra was doing and saying. At the dance, Terra attacked everyone and right when she was about to get Beast Boy, he sang her a love song, thinking that she had a good side inside herself. Terra was (briefly) touched, but was sent back to the other dimension by Raven; Beast Boy jumped in with her and later licked chili that fell onto her head.

In "Rocks and Water", Beast Boy, still sad about blowing it with Terra, begins to repeadtly call her. Terra, fed up with him, informs him that she already has a boyfriend: Aqualad. After Aqualad makes fun of Raven for being single, she claims she's dating Beast Boy and they decide to go on a double date. Robin announces that he and Starfire will be attending, making it a triple date. At the dinner date, Raven tries to get them to break up by ordering calamari, which Terra states he loves. However, this backfires and the two try numerous other times to get them apart. They finally manage to do so however they find out. Terra and Aqualad, now having broken up, attack the two however they're both sent into the trash hole by Raven.

In episode "I'm the Sauce", Terra participates in a game of Heads Up-Seven Up led by Robin as he tried to cheer up the clouds and make the rain stop. It is unknown how she came out of the trash hole, but her rivalry with Raven is shown again. She refused to participate at first, but agreed when Robin bribed them with chocolate milk. Her finger was tapped by Cyborg, but Terra assumed it was Raven and raised a boulder to crush her. Raven smugly shook her head and the boulder fell on Terra and exploded. After the game was over and the clouds cheered, Terra celebrated with the other villains and Titans by drinking their chocolate milk.

In Operation Duce Rescue, Terra, alongside Rose Wilson aka. Ravager, and Jinx were recurited by Raven and Starfire in an uneasy alliance to save the boys from The Brain. When Starfire and Raven entered trash hole dimension alongside Ravager and Jinx, Terra ambushed them. Robin and Starfire managed to convince her to join, though Terra initially used the opportunity as ruse to avenge her defeat. Along the way, she sometimes gloated over how she would betray the group but is nearly caught by Raven everytime she did. After fight their way for the boys’ cell, The Brain revealed to have led them into his trap in form of force field that turned out also partly schemed by Terra herself. Dismayed that everything went wrong, they spent their times bickering until Raven recalled why they all here: To save the boys. So, they combined their strength to neutralized the force field, which works due to it only neutralized one power at a time, not multiple powers at the same time. The Brain however, not going to give up without the fight, and revealed to armed himself with a huge battle suit. But nevertheless, they managed to defeat The Brain and goes to save the boys, only for abandoned them in their cells as all of them decided to have fun together due to their annoying Chivalry antics, which started the whole ordeal in the first place.


2003 Show

In the 2003 TV Series, Terra is depicted more like tragic and reluctant villain. While she looked like a fun-loving girl, Terra is still insecure girl whom need help to control her powers. Even while she attempted to fully control them and even put a confidence on it, something worse happened: As Slade stated, she wind up accidentally caused geological disaster such as landslide or earthquake. This resulting her sensitive with this fact, as she was once implored Beast Boy to keep this as secret and is angry when the others find out (how they figure it out was due to Robin and Cyborg already witnessed the problem in front of their very eyes on the same day Beast Boy vow to keep the promise, which means her attempt to keep it secret futile) as well as once yelled to Robin that she was not a sad little girl. Also, Terra was quite naive as her desperation to control her earth powers resulting her seek for Slade’s aid, which she finally able to get her powers under control but costs her whatever the friendship that she had with the Titans. To make matter worse, Terra wind up became what her friends despised most. Although, Terra later realized that serving Slade also the very tragic mistake as aside her efforts costs her her friendship with Titans, Slade lacks any compunction in abusing her when she showed any sign of incompetence or reluctance in accomplish her job as well as seeing her as tool like he did to Robin. This, combined with Beast Boy’s effort to reach her, eventually convince her to return to the good side and even defeated Slade, though the outbursts of her power threatened the city to turned into a volcano. Determined to redeem herself and save everyone’s lives, Terra exhausted her powers to prevent the disaster which resulting her turned into stone. Although, it appeared that either due to Trigon’s defeat or unspecified miracle that neither of the Titans able to solved, Terra somehow revived but chooses to live a citizen’s life and don’t wanted anything to do with either Titans or supervillains due to her past sins. All in all, Terra's 2003 incarnation is one of the perfect examples of a tragic villain, you can't help but sympathize with her. She also example of pawn, as Slade shows little care or remorse for abusing her.

Teen Titans Go!

In Teen Titans GO!, Terra is portrayed more closer to her comic book incarnation, being a sociopath that bereft of positive trait or remorse where she not only outright evil, but also sought any opportunity to find out Titans’ secrets and destroyed them. Although, her psychosis was tuned down to the point that she looked like obnoxious jerk.


In the 2003 Cartoon, Terra has the superhuman ability to manipulate earth in any form, from solid rock to mud as in the comic series. However, she at first lack of the ability to control it due to lack of mentor figure and her insecurities over unintended damage that she cause with her powers. Later on, due to growing experience and tutelage with Slade) Terra now capable to use her geokinetic powers with increased skill and control for numerous effects, both offensive and defensive in capabilities, such as flying through the air by riding on a boulder moved through her powers, hurling rocks of various sizes (even multiple rocks simultaneously) as projectiles at opponents to drive them back or outright crush them, form a gigantic stone fist out of many smaller rocks to attack an opponent, change earth from one state to another (such as shifting mud to a more solid version), and many other effects and in Aftershock - Part 1 she could make Earth-like creatures (all do she was guided by Slade). Terra also has the ability to tap into lava flows, as seen in Aftershock - Part 2.

In Teen Titans GO!, Terra is already skillful with her powers from start, which is true with the comics. Like the rest of her incarnations, Terra can geokinetically use a large boulder to carry herself through the air, levitating multiple rocks that she puts in a straight line to use as stepping stones to carry others through the air, hurling multiple rocks without physically touching them, etc. Terra's overall skill in manipulating earth was very potent that she can pulled an enormous chunk of rock from the cliff below Titans Tower without causing it to collapse and even create massive fissures and cervices that are deep enough to reach the Earth's core itself (though the latter was with aid of Power Amplifier). Terra's trump card is Terrarizer, geokinetic technique in form of forming concrete exoskeleton around her that bestowing her superhuman durability and strength.

Physical Appearance

Terra is a tall, pale, teenage girl, with blonde hair. She wears a black short-sleeved shirt, that ends just above her navel. She also wears short yellow shorts, a thick brown belt with a circular buckle, and a pouch on both sides of her hip. She also wears gloves and boots of the same color. She has big, sky-blue eyes. Her mouth design is slightly similar to Robin's.



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