During the events of Halloween Horror Nights XV, the Storyteller ushered people into a world of horrific events called the "Terra Cruentus" in which the Terra Queen would rule over the terrain until her eventual sacrifice to complete the cycle of "The Season of the Queen". She is played by Nona Lee Davis.


The Terra Queen is a humanoid demon whose most notable feature is her grotesque headdress of horns and pale skin. She appears to have a macabre sense of beauty, but does nothing to hide her cruelty and malice. She also appears to be of a somewhat man-eating nature as the blood sacrificed from her victims is used to create "Bloodberry Wine" from a fruit nourished by it. It is served for her minions and herself.


During the "Season of the Queen", the Terra Queen would be seen riding her motorcycle which she would use to capture and round up victims. Said victims would be sacrificed to the Gorewood Tree. She performed these grisly sacrifices through the use of a horrific dagger called the Terra Throne Blade. While these sacrifices were essential to her survival, they also satisfied her inner sadism which became reflected through the increasingly grisly and tortuous murders that followed. The Terra Queen also has extended operations across the terrain. The metal used for the dagger is extracted from slaves toiling away in the Terror Mines. This dagger also provided her with the power she needed to rule. But the dagger's potency was finite as each sacrifice would use up the Terra Throne Blade, which would then be used to craft a Black Goblet for the Bloodberry Wine made from the fruit nourished by the remnants of the sacrificial blood. She would then have the bodies turned over to ghoulish Body Collectors that would mutilate them for profit and their own horrific interests.

However, on the final night of the event, she herself is sacrificed to complete the cycle. Thus, the dagger is turned against her and Terra Cruentus disappears. However, given the implied cyclic nature of the terrain, she may return in some form. (Tellingly, she made a reappearance as one of the characters in the Halloween Horror Nights XX house The Hallow'd Past.)


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