Are you losing the war in your garden? Well, brother, maybe it's time for a secret weapon - TERRAFIRMINATOR!!! It's the most ruthless, 500-horsepower, grass-dominating piece of hardware the world has ever seen! TERRAFIRMINATOR!!! It's unnecessarily POWERFUL! Now with 75 percent more POWER! It clears! CLEARS! It digs! DIGS! It mows! MOWS! Your lawn will be AFRAID to grow! TERRAFIRMINATOR!!! It's a weapon of grass DESTRUCTION!!!!!
~ Terrafirminator Announcer.

The Terrafirminator, also known as Terrafirminator V.O., is the final antagonist in the 2011 animated film Gnomeo & Juliet. It is a lawnmower that was originally featured in an advertisement and closely resembles a small monster truck, but it later turns out to be an indestructible killing machine that is also used to annihilate everything in its path.

Its V.O. was voiced by famous professional wrestler Hulk Hogan, who also played Thunderlips.


The Terrafirminator was a special lawnmower that Benny wanted Ms. Montague to buy. However, she turned it down in favor of the Kitten Clipper. Later on, Benny bought the Terrafirminator after Ms. Montague left and instantly delivered it. When it arrived, the Blue Gnomes planned to use it in an act of revenge against the Red Gnomes for the suspected death of Gnomeo, unaware that Gnomeo was still alive.

During the conflict between the Red Gnomes and the Blue Gnomes, the Terrafirminator was used in the battle. At first, things went well. Suddenly, the Terrafirminator went out of control and got itself stuck. The Terrafirminator then freed itself and activated its self-destruct mode. It was destroyed when it crashed into the tower that the now-alive Gnomeo and Juliet were about to kiss on top of.

Powers & Abilities

The Terrafirminator, while looking like a normal Lawnmower, is a very destructive machine. It can travel at high speeds, thanks to having 500 horsepower. It is equipped with a targeting system and a highly intelligent A.I. The machine can also stand up, like a giant robot. In cases where things get rough, it even has a self-destruct mode.


The list of things that the fine print shows at the end of the Terrafirminator commercial are:

  • Terrafirminator will not inhibit grass from growing.
  • Not recommended for residential use.
  • Not recommended for commercial use either.
  • Do not use vehicle while sleeping.
  • Do not stick your fingers in tiller blades - duh!
  • Not recommended for children under 3. Or 4.
  • For external use only.
  • After use, lawn may appear completely destroyed. do not be alarmed - this is perfectly normal.
  • Side effects of using the Terrafirminator may include: Dry mouth. Heightened levels of testosterone. Nausea. Loss of hearing. Blurred vision. Ssslured speech. Voices telling you to burn things. Loss of bowel control. Persistent feelings of awesomeness. Tight hamstrings. Megalomania.
  • In rare instances, some people may explode when viewing the Terrafirminator.
  • Maker of the Terrafirminator will not be held responsible for damages, injury, or infidelity caused by the use of this product.


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