WHAT'S THIS!? You stole this dog from me!
~ Hatchett to Colby.

Terrance Muncy Hatchett is the main antagonist of Joe Camp's 2004 comedy-drama film Benji: Off the Leash!. He is a despotic puppy breeder who not only bullies his spiritless wife Claire and sensitive 14-year-old son Colby, but is also guilty of cruelty to dogs, with a brutal puppy-mill operation in his backyard.

He was portrayed by Chris Kendrick.


As one of Hatchett's prime breeders, Daisy, gives birth to a mutt that Colby affectionately calls Puppy (who grows up to be Benji). When Hatchett discovers that Puppy's a mutt, he disowns the pup and leaves her to die in an abandoned house. Colby, however, bonds with the dog and, together, they work through several problems: reuniting Puppy with Daisy, saving the sickly Daisy, and finding peace for Colby and his mom.

When the fluffy dog sees that her mother is sick in the kennel, she opens her cage and helps her escape. Then she gets Lizard Tongue to help when she is too weak to eat, and they both draw the Animal Control officers to the abandoned house and the ailing black mother dog. At the shelter, a veterinarian determines she is dying from over-breeding and poor care, so the shelter director and the local sheriff authorize the vet to spay the dog.

When Hatchett learns that the Benji film producer is in town and wants the fluffy dog to be the new Benji, he intimidates Colby into lying about being the owner. At the shelter, the fluffy dog is reunited with her mother, and Colby tells everyone the truth about the dog, which makes Hatchett lose his temper and get arrested by Ozzie, then states that in the meantime, Hatchett won’t do any more harm to them.


Hatchett is an extremely abusive, heartless, cruel, sadistic, emotional and malicious man who only uses his dogs to get money. Although never shown, it is implied that Hatchett hits his wife and potentially even Colby. He abuses to them verbally and emotionally to the point of striking fear in them.





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