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Bow before me! Humble your pitiful selves before the might of Terrax!
~ Terrax to the Fantastic Four.

Terrax is a major antagonist in the 1994 Fantastic Four series, serving as the main antagonist of the episode "Who Calls Galactus".

He was once an alien tyrant who Galactus chose to be his new herald after the Silver Surfer. After serving him for some time, Terrax would betray Galactus by poisoning him with the essence of the planet Antos. He would later threaten the Fantastic Four into helping him destroy Galactus.

He was voiced by Ron Feinberg.


After the Silver Surfer turned against Galactus to save Earth, Galactus sought out a new Herald - one devoid of any morality. He chose Tyros, a bloodthirsty alien tyrant that rules his homeworld with an iron fist who took pleasure in personally murdering his prisoners. Galactus took him as his own servant and bestowed him with the power cosmic, to grant him the powers he would need to seek out new worlds for Galactus to devour. Galactus then devoured Terrax's home world, including his people and his family. Terrax laughed sadistically as Galactus did so and took pleasure in finding life-inhabited worlds for Galactus to devour. He would serve Galactus faithfully for much time.

Eventually, when threatened by the living Planet Ego, Thor and Reed Richards would confront Galactus and beg him to help them defeat Ego. There they encountered Terrax, who chuckled at the idea of Ego wanting to destroy Earth. Galactus agreed to help defeat Ego, provided Richards lets Galactus break his vow to spare Earth. Galactus would then confront Ego and destroy him with the help of Thor and the Fantastic Four.

Despite serving Galactus faithfully, Terrax grew tired of being servant and desired to be a king once more. Terrax then found the poisonous, polluted and radioactive world of Antos and deceived Galactus into devouring it, poisoning him and severely weakening him. Terrax then travelled to Earth and engaged battle with the Fantastic Four and Frankie who had similar powers to Johnny Storm. Terrax then rose all of Manhatten into space, forcing Sue Storm to create a giant force bubble to provide it with air. Terrax threatened to kill the entire city if they didn't surrender and heed his demands to kill Galactus, as they were the only ones that had triumphed over him. Galactus, still weakened, then arrived and Terrax transferred the Fantastic Four to Galactus' ship. There Galactus revealed all that had transpired with Terrax.

Terrax detected no battle between Galactus and the Fantastic Four. Assuming Galactus was too weak to fight, Terrax emerged into Galactus' ship and attempted to kill him, but was stopped by Frankie. Terrax then battled with the Fantastic Four. During which, The Thing and Reed Richards discovered that Galactus was absorbing Terrax's power every time he used it to make himself stronger. The Thing and Richards then battled Terrax to ensure Galactus became powerful enough to defeat Terrax. Eventually, Galactus became strong enough to confront Terrax. He reclaimed Terrax's power cosmic, reduced Terrax to a worm and sent him crashing down to Earth, ending him once and for all. In gratitute for their help, Galactus restored Manhatten back to Earth, undoing Terrax's henious actions


  • Terrax first appeared as a servant of Galactus in the season one episode "The Silver Surfer and the Coming of Galactus", voiced by Tony Jay who also voiced Galactus. However, it is later revealed that Terrax became a Herald of Galactus after the Silver Surfer's betrayal.


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