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You have no idea what it's like always being second! Nothing Terrence did was ever good enough! Well, that's all gonna change starting now, mates. Now if you want to prevent your fellow chosen one from getting crushed, I suggest you do as I say. (Sam: What do you want?) I'm sorry I had to interrupt your training and dispose of your instructors, but I have a mission for you. You three will eliminate Jerry!
~ Terrence forcing the Spies to kill Jerry

Terrence Lewis is the overall main antagonist of the Totally Spies franchise. He is leader of the terrorist group called LAMOS and is WOOHP's greatest and most wanted threat. Terrence is Jerry's evil twin brother and Sam, Clover and Alex's arch-nemesis.

He was voiced by Gary Krawford.


Terrence is a highly vengeful, intelligent and deranged madman obsessed with revenge and ultimate power.



Terrence was born in England in the 1950's and attended Clostworthy Academy with his twin brother Jerry. During the 4th grade, the brothers cheated by sharing answers during their final exams. However, when they were caught, Jerry blamed his brother and Terrence was expelled. Upset over feeling betrayed, Terrence angrily swore revenge on Jerry, Terrence plots his revenge on Jerry and turns to a life of crime to build his success and evil plan to get even.

During the next 50 years, Terrence went to use plastic surgery to change his appearance and successfully becomes an all-powerful criminal mastermind and learned many martial arts to infiltrate WOOHP as a administrator to wait for the day he will exact his revenge on Jerry and destroy WOOHP.




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