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Terrible Tom is the main antagonist of the Chick Tract "Gun Slinger".

Gun Slinger

Tom was a very feared outlaw in the Old West who was hired by Bart Dawson to assassinate the town's preacher. Bart owned a failing saloon, which was failing because all his would-be customers were going to the Reverend's church and were finding religion from him, and therefore wouldn't be interested in his saloon anymore. Tom takes the job, and sets out to kill the Preacher. When the Marshall heard he was heading towards Bottlesville, he went after him.

When he was at church, Tom discovered that there was a God who could forgive anyone, even a horrible sinner, like himself. He repents of all his sins, and is then arrested by the Marshall. The next day, Tom was hanged, and he went to Heaven. The Marshall, however, was bitten by a poisonous snake, and he goes to Hell despite being an honest, law-biding individual.


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