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Terror Birds is a race of giant prehistoric birds from different periods all over history in the early Cenozoic Era from Primeval.


In Episode 3.6, The Arc Team Had to hide in a safe house from Christine Johnson and her men who were looking for the artefact that could hold the secret to why anomalies open they where hiding in a safe house when an anomaly opened not far from the safe house then one of the birds attacked Danny Quinn but he was saved by Connor Temple they ran to the car and there was a car chase with the birds but they crashed and Danny used Connor as bait to trap the creature with worked so they ran and left it then when Abby Maitland and Sarah Page crawled to a filed they found more birds that spotted them so they ran to find the others they had to run carefully because they where on a mine field Danny tricked one one of the birds to run on a mine and killed it then they ran to the road when they where court by one of Christine's men called Ross he didn't believe the team when they talked about a creature so his team mate was killed by a bird and tired to drive away but drove over a trip mine killing him the will flew and chopped the birds head off the team then ran back to the safe house where they were ambushed by the birds trying to brake in Danny tried to escape the safe house by climbing along a power line but the birds tried to pull him down but Connor lured them away just before the birds were able to brake inside and kill the team a recording of one of the birds distress signals played so the birds ran back threw the anomalies and it closed shortly after.





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