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The Terror Dogs are major antagonists in the Ghostbusters franchise. They are hellhounds serving the villainous specter Gozer. These beasts are also referred to as "Hellhounds", "Demon Dogs", and even erroneously "Werewolves".


The Terror Dogs, as their name suggests, are gigantic dog-like beasts with large horns, claws, and teeth as well as red eyes. They show a degree of intellect as well, being able to possess people.



The two major Terror Dogs we see are Zuul The Gatekeeper and Vinz Clortho The Keymaster, both loyal minions of Gozer. Manifesting from statues on Dana's apartment building, both attempted to attack various people in their own apartment, with Zuul attacking Dana Barrett and Vinz chasing after Louis Tully.

Possessing both of them, Zuul used the body of Dana as a trap for Peter Venkman, trying to seduce him. Louis, under his possession, staggered clumsily across the city. The latter is arrested and brought to the headquarters of the Ghostbusters.

Both Terror Dogs sought each other out, quicking heading to the roof to complete their ritual. Once completed, Gozer was summoned and the two dogs finished their own transformation.

Both beasts were later destroyed by the Destructor's defeat, turning to statues.

Ghostbusters: The Video Game

In the Shandor Mausoleum, two statues of the Terror Dogs remain in the room Ivo Shandor absorbed enough energy to transform.

The Real Ghostbusters

The Terror Dogs also make cameo appearances in this series, as well as a second, larger type of the beast being found in a parallel dimension where Tolay rules.


  • One of the Hound Demons, named Zuul.

    The Hound Demons are demonic creatures from Ghostbusters: The Video Game that closely resembles Terror Dogs.
  • When briefly encountered by humans, most people initially confuse the creatures for "dogs", "bears", or "cougars".
  • While not part of Kenner's "Real Ghostbusters" toy line, NECA Toys created action figures based on Zuul and Vinz Clortho. The Mini-Mates figures will also produce figures based on the Terror Dogs.
  • A Terror Dog is seen in "What in Samhain Just Happened?!" on page 22. It is among the audience watching Sam Hain perform.
  • A Terror Dog appears on the Second Printing cover of the comic book Ghostbusters Issue #2.
  • On page 23 of Ghostbusters Issue #3, File #F390, the Tolaysian Terror Dogs are noted to be larger than the Gozerian variety and are accounted for in Tobin's Spirit Guide (2nd Edition, 1937). The Gozerian Terror Dogs are covered in File #F002 A & B.


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