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Terrorax is the main antagonist in Team Turbo Turbo Charged and Team Turbo Turbo Warriors.

He was voiced by Mike Oliver.


At the beginning of the movie, Team Turbo enters a warehouse facility, only to discover nothing there. However, energy cubes appear within the building, wiping Team Turbo unconscious. When Max woke up, he found himself chained to a table and sees a man wearing mask beside him. The masked man separates Steel from Max in the process of draining his Turbo Energy. Luckily, Max unleashes a wave of Turbo Energy, freeing Max and Team Turbo from the Mask Man's clutches. However, Max could no longer bond with Steel anymore and now has green Turbo Energy. The masked villain is later seen talking to a hooded figure named Lord Nexus as he converts Turbo Energy into a purple energy source known as Terror Energy.

Later in the movie, Team Turbo sneaks into Halifax industries where Max and Alex appear before founder Prometheus Halifax and his followers who already knew about their presence. Max and Alex don't recognize Halifax at first, but they soon discover him as the masked villain once Halifax puts on his suit. Halifax then applies Terror Energy into his body, mutating him into an energy being known as Terrorax. Max and Alex takes Terrorax head on, but Terrorax is proven to be too powerful with Terror Energy, as he throws the heroes outside the building during their battle, forcing them to retreat.

Terrorax soon assembles his own villainous team known as Team Terror, that he powers with Terror Energy and then unleashes them upon Team Turbo, while he initiates his master plan to wipe out Copper Canyon's power.


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