Terrorbull was a villain who appeared in the Extinctioners comic and has an important part in the story of one of the main cast.

Once an elite Tracker (slave) working for the Invasion Force, Terrorbull loved bringing misery and pain to those he helped hunt down. A natural born bully that met his untimely death at the hands of Catrina "Vague" Fela when he murdered her family in front of her. But little did she or he know that his psionic powers, fuelled by his hate, kept his mental self alive in his blood. When Catrina was forced to drink his blood as a sign of loyalty by the Invaders, his essense was transfered into her body and he over time gained control of the young female. Now living as a psyche parasite, he could influence and gain limited amounts of mental control over the body of his host and could transfer his essense through blood on blood contact.

Terrorbull was ultimately defeated and extracted from the mind of Catrina and seemingly destroyed in the psychic plane by Catrina which freed Terrorbull's hold on Forcewave's body.

Terrorbull is also the only character to have died twice; first in Extinctioners Volume 2 Issue 5 and then again in Extinctioners Volume 2 Issue 15.

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