Terrorin was the bomber emperor of his own world, who appears as the main antagonist and final boss of the Super Bomberman 5.

Physical Appearance

Terrorin's face is flesh pink with hour lines, have mustache and eyebrows in clock pointers form, monocle in right eye, rectangle-shaped left eye and black arms and legs.

Use golden helmet in clock form, a wintergreen T and two pink bells. He wears in his body a purple coat over a orange skirt, winter green clown bib with light blue board, pink gear on front and golden gloves and shoes.


Emperor Terrorin begins his appearance where first capture the Planet Bomber with his dimensional smog and free the 9 Fiendish Bombers  from jail to expand his empire.

Also capture four main worlds of White Bomberman's past in which call of zones and rebuilt villains' place as the Five Dastardly Bombersstation became 2nd zone and Bagura's battleship forming part of 3rd zone in his world.

Also, Terrorin brainwashing White Bomberman and Black Bomberman's friends as Kotetsu and Honey to same fight against them and hire Warooey  to be his servants' mascot.

When pair defeat all criminals Bombers and free their friends to in his empire's core, Terrorin appear to battle with Jiriringer. In first form, he try destroy them thowning all bombs to be destroyed when the bomb-firing devices is hit 5 times. In second form, he try destroy them with dash attacks and shaking the arena and freezing where is in ground to be destroyed when the bells is hit is hit 5 times.

After which his double machine are destroyed, Terrorin appear to battle personally. He run to thown bomb in pair, create barrier to block explosions and throw clock item anywhere. Terrorin is finally destroyed for White Bomberman and Black Bomberman freeing the Planet Bomber.



  • In game where he is defeated, his head is separated from his body and disappear.
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