I'll reveal the existence of that chalk world.
~ Terry Bouffant

Terry Bouffant is a recurring villain in the animated TV series ChalkZone. She is Plainsville's news reporter. 


Bouffant is a recurring antagonist in the TV show, ChalkZone. She often tries to expose Chalk Zone in order to get rich and a new reporting job. 

The Wiggies

Bouffant first appears in The Wiggies and she wants to get a scoop on how to get rid of the wiggies which have been sucking off everybody's hair. 

Incedent Exposure

Bouffant returned and became the main antagonist. She tries to get a better reporting job, so she does a documentary on the fabled 'world of chalk', using Mr Wilter and Vinnie Raton as her witnesses... But the network presidents think it is crazy, and ask why she didn't interview Snap. So Bouffant kidnaps Snap and brings him to the studio, and Rudy tries to foil the newscaster's intentions before the jig is up. She steals the chalk when the expo starts and is about to expose Chalk Zone. However, Rudy and Snap publically humiliate her when they get a wiggie to suck her hari off and 

Snap Vs. Boorat

She once again appeared in Snap Vs. Boorat where she teamed up with Vinnie Raton to expose Chalk Zone by creating a drawing of their own in order to get the chalk and destroy Rudy. 


Bouffant is very insane, evil, sadistic, and despises Rudy and Penny. She desperatly wants a decent reporting job and wants to do it to expose Chalk Zone. In her last appearance, she seems to have found out more about getting into Chalk Zone. 


  • Snap VS Boorat reveals that she has been stalking Rudy and Penny for months. Even Vinnie is creeped out by this.
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