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Hamlet... don't you hate how he can't make up his mind?
~ Terry Glass

Terence "Terry" Glass is the main antagonist in the 2001 psychological thriller film, The Glass House.

He was portrayed by Stellan Skarsgård, who also played Martin Vanger in The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, Baron Vladimir Harkonnen in Dune, King Cerdic in King Arthur, the Grand Duke in Cinderella, and Jim Whitlock in Deep Blue Sea.


Terry is the next door neighbor to a teenage girl named Ruby Baker and her younger brother, Rhett, whose parents are killed in a car accident after a night out. Following the funeral, Terry and his wife Erin become Ruby and Rhett's foster parents and invite them to live with them in their large and luxurious "glass" house. However, whereas Rhett immediately takes a liking to them, Ruby soon becomes suspicious of the Glasses and contacts her parents' trusted lawyer to inform him of their unusual behavior. A social worker is soon sent round to the Glass house to check that everything is alright, but finds nothing wrong and leaves.

It is revealed later on that Terry is in a heap of debt to a pair of loan sharks, and that he's aware of Ruby and Rhett's $4 million inheritance. After finding clues about Terry's dealings with the loan sharks and witnessing him being physically threatened during a business meeting, Ruby takes Rhett and escapes from the Glasses in Terry's car in the middle of the night. However, she is soon pulled over and Terry arrives to take the car back. On the way home, Ruby reveals to Terry that she believes he killed her parents, so he could pay back the loan sharks. Terry dismisses this, but after Ruby puts up a struggle, he and Erin drug her into unconsciousness.

After Erin takes a fatal drug overdose out of guilt of what she and Terry are doing, Terry captures Ruby and Rhett and hides them in the basement, planning to dispose of Ruby later for knowing too much. He sets up his car with a faulty brake line and sets up an escape attempt for the kids, hoping to get the kids killed by the sabotaged car. However, Ruby figures it out. He is interrupted by the arrival of the lawyer Ruby spoke to, who had been defending him but had become suspicious of his behaviors. Terry is then greeted by the loan sharks, who kill the lawyer after Terry convinces them he was his thieving business partner. The loan sharks then gag Terry and drive him away (presumably to torture him for the money), not knowing about the sabotaged brake line. The vehicle quickly drives out of control and crashes off the road, killing the loan sharks and presumably Terry as well.

Ruby and Rhett arrive and are picked up by a police officer, who notices the crashed car and goes to investigate. When he checks the vehicle, he finds the body of the loan shark but no sign of Terry. An injured Terry then appears behind him and punches him to the ground before climbing back up onto the road. He aims a gun at Ruby, but she commandeers the police car and drives it straight into Terry, running him over and killing him.