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Terrence "TerryHiggins is the main antagonist of the 2005 video game True Crime: New York City. He is a crooked 3rd Grade P.D.N.Y. detective and mentor of Marcus Reed, the game's protagonist/anti-hero.

He is voiced by actor Mickey Rourke, who also portrayed Whiplash in Iron Man 2.


Terry has been a member of the P.D.N.Y. for over twenty years and has made friends within and outside the law, especially drug lord and childhood friend Isaiah Reed and got to know his son, Marcus. Though the two were on opposite sides of the law, their friendship continued over the years and when Reed, Sr. was imprisoned, he had promised to look after his son. He ushered Marcus into the police force after covering his mass murder of traitorous gang members.

After Terrence was "killed" while bringing evidence of departmental corruption to the FBI, Marcus vowed to avenge his mentor's death and refused to let anything stand in his way. Marcus then investigated four major crime organizations in New York City: the Magdalena Cartel, the Palermo Mob, the President's Club, and the Shadow Tong.

In the end, it was revealed Terry faked his own death to escape the feds shaking him down for more information and to avoid being exposed as a dirty cop. It is then revealed he was the one who had orchestrated the events of the whole game involving the major city gangs and crime syndicates. Following a climatic showdown in the subway cars, Marcus shoots Terry dead who says "motherfuckers with no loyalty don't deserve to live".


Bad Cop Ending

In the bad cop ending, Terry approaches Marcus after the latter killed Navarro. It was then apparent that Marcus had been thinking about what actually happened. Marcus then shoots his former mentor in the head, killing him.

Good Cop Ending

In the good cop ending, after Navarro's arrest at Grand Central Station, Terry approaches Marcus, who was surprised at his mentor's sudden return. However, Marcus soon realizes that Terry was the mole and chases him through a subway train. Terry then escapes to the front train car and decouples the rest, but Marcus shoots at the train, causing it to derail and kill Terry.

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