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Theresa "Terry" Cherry Perry, formerly called Principal Perry before her retirement, was the bossy principal of Mission Creek High School. She serves as the secondary antagonist of season 1, a major antagonist of season 2, and a supporting character for the rest of the show.

She was portrayed by Maile Flanagan.


She treats Adam, Bree, Chase, and Leo poorly and always tries to make their life miserable. She also blackmailed Donald after she found out about their secret, though lost her leverage after their secret got out. However, she cares a little about them and shows good attitude towards them rarely throughout the series, though she does enjoy having them around.

Later, it was revealed that she retired because she missed having the kids around to torment. Later in that episode, she became the Head of Security at the academy.

It is currently unknown what the Lab Rats will call her since she is no longer principal. It is unknown who will become principal at Mission Creek High School since the school will not be shown in Season 4.

At an unknown point in her life, she worked as a prison guard. Ms. Perry was the "Jammer" on the North Pacific Roller Derby Championship Team until she had a terrible crash. She lives with her five cats and mother.

Villainous Moments

In Bob Zombie, Perry usurped control of the Bionic Academy and became a tyrant, making everyone's lives, even Douglas's, miserable, and ends up wanting to stun those who defy her.  


Perry is rude and bossy towards people. She tends the insult and mock the Lab Rats, harass Douglas by threatening his masculinity, yell at her employees and basicly just spreading misery to people in general. She appears to be nice to people who are apart of her family, but to everyone else, she is downright mean.

She tends to claim she only care about herself. In reality, she has some care for the Lab Rats, if not very little. However, she only helps them because she will get money. 

Perry also has a rivalry with Chase's commando app, Spike. They constantly argue with each other, and fought each other once.