Terry Spice is a minor antagonist in Total Dramarama, only appearing in the episode "Fire in the Hole". He is a Satanic version of Guy Fieri, who lives in the underworld and loves eating spicy food. He tortures people with a reality-warping remote called "Clicky".

He is voiced by Rob Tinkler.


In "Fire in the Hole", Terry Spice sat in the underworld and had his demon minions feed him spicy food. He was not pleased with the food because it wasn't spicy enough so he used his remote, "Clicky" to crush his demon dude with a rock. He laughed maniacally. Just then, Duncan spilled his hot spice on the floor and it seeped through the ground and down to the underworld, where it landed in Terry's mouth. Terry was amazed with the taste and decided that with a spice this strong, he would have enough power to take over the universe. Terry Spice came up to Total Drama Daycare just at the same time Chef Hatchet called for a substitute teacher, which made him think that Terry was the new teacher. As the new teacher, Terry demanded that Duncan give him the recipe for the amazing spice he just made but Duncan refused. Terry tried to force Duncan to cough up the recipe by forcing him to watch his friends suffer their worst nightmares. However, being the sadist he was, Duncan just enjoyed what he was watching. Terry admired Duncan's villainy and became friends with him. Duncan and Terry had fun doing everything together. Finally, Terry asked Duncan to make him some spice and Duncan obliged. While Terry ate the spide and rode a flavor wave, Duncan snatched Clicky from him and used it to save his friends and transport Terry into his own worst nightmare, which was to be stuck with Chef's mom, eating extremely plain food.


  • Terry Spice is a parody on Guy Fieri.
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