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Everyone is terrified of something, and I don't mean just being afraid or being able to hide it. I mean there's something deep in your heart that you're terrified of and can't deny.
~ Terunosuke Miyamoto

Terunosuke Miyamoto, originally known as simply Enigma Boy, is a minor antagonist from JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Diamond is Unbreakable. He wields the Stand Enigma.

In Japanese, he was voiced by Makoto Naruse in JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: All Star Battle and Kengo Kawanishi in the anime. In English, he was voiced by Alan Lee in the latter's dub.


JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Diamond is Unbreakable

After being hit by the Bow and Arrow from Yoshihiro Kira, Terunosuke Miyamoto is granted the Stand Enigma, and ordered to target Koichi. He scares the boy, making him show his sign of fear by blinking twice, and turns Koichi into a lifeless sheet of paper. He then tracks Tomoko to her home, and leaves a taunting message on her panties. He learns Tomoko would swallow her saliva when she is scared, then he uses Enigma to turn her into paper as well.

Sometime after, Josuke and Yuya use Koichi's handbag to track down the boy, and learn from the unconscious Tomoko that Terunosuke is hunting them down. The dark skinned man spots Josuke biting his lip, showing a bit of fear. Terunosuke then shoots at the high-school boy with a handgun from an Enigma paper. The Enigma Stand user then demonstrates his ability to damage objects within the paper by tearing the paper itself. Terunosuke then throws Koichi's paper into the path of car, and Josuke tries to catch it, but bites his lip, causing Enigma to turn him into paper. Terunosuke then learns that Yuya will show fear if he touches his chin then uses a taxi cab to head to the Morioh Grand Hotel to target Jotaro next.

Yuya uses Highway Star to chase down the taxi, sending it to a stop. However, Terunosuke sets up traps such as flames, scorpions and harmful chemicals. Yuya then sees to his horror, Josuke and Koichi about to be sucked into an indestructible paper shredder. Yuya touches his chin, just as Terunosuke wants, but when all seems lost, the motorbike punk uses his paper form to allow Highway Star to pull the two out to safety. With the advantage shifting back to Josuke, he learns that Terunosuke will close an eye if scared and both if really scared. Josuke then uses Crazy Diamond to pummel Terunosuke until he is turned into a book. The book is then donated to the library, and it is said that while readers can observe, they can't take the book home.

The Book: JoJo's Bizarre Adventure 4th Another Day

In the light novel The Book: JoJo's Bizarre Adventure 4th Another Day, Terunosuke's book is revealed to have pages made from shredded paper, and the words inside the book to be pure nonsense. Some theorize the book's seemingly gibberish text to have a hidden meaning. Terunosuke's voice, heard by those who read the book, is also said to mistakingly come from a old employee at the library. Chiho Futaba and Takuma Hasumi try and fail to find the book to help inspire the former's novel.

Powers and Abilities


When I find your terror's tells, my Enigma can strike perfectly!
~ Terunosuke Miyamoto on Enigma.

Using Enigma, Terunosuke can turn anything and anyone into paper. With objects and animals, he can do this with no other needed effort. However, to target people, Terunosuke must discover and see their "tell" of being scared. The paper must be folded to keep whatever is trapped inside it, but once unfolded by anyone, the thing inside it is freed. Terunosuke can also turn himself into paper to avoid attacks.


  • Terunosuke did not receive an official name until the art book JOJO A-GO!GO! released. He shares this trait with Sale.


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