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You don't turn your back on Papa Knoth! You don't turn your back on God!
~ A cultist

The Testament of the New Ezekiel is a cult led by Sullivan Knoth that appears in the 2017 survival horror video game Outlast 2, in which they, alongside their rivals The Heretics, serve as the main antagonistic force. The group is located in a remote settlement simply known as Temple Gate.  


Blake Langermann and his wife, went out to investigate the murder of a Jane Doe. The two take a helicopter due to the inaccessibility by road which ends up crashing in a narrow ravine due to a mysterious white blast causing the helicopter to malfunction.

Blake wakes up sometime after, only to discover that Lynn is missing. As Blake ventured deeper, he realizes that he is stranded in a remote village that is inhabited by a cult who believe that the end will come upon them. The Testament intends on torturing and murdering Lynn and her unborn child as they believe it's the Anti-Christ, however she escapes and is kidnapped by the Heretics once again.

The cultists spend the entire night relentlessly pursuing Blake throughout Temple Gate, occasionally clashing with the Heretics due to their polar opposite views. By the end of the game, every last member of the Testament, including Knoth himself, have committed mass suicide, mostly via cyanide poisoning, as they failed at their goals as Lynn gave birth to the "Anti-Christ", and that Knoth can no longer hear God.



  • The cult was inspired by Jonestown as well as the American religious organization Peoples Temple led by Reverend Jim Jones .
  • The Biblical Ezekiel was a Hebrew prophet of the 6th century BCE who was exiled to Babylon in the year 587 or 597 BCE and called for the Jews there to return to godliness and faith. He is the author of the Book of Ezekiel, which is named after him.
  • Although not explicitly stated in the game, it is implied that the cult was heavily manipulated by the Murkoff Corporation. The Company secretly used a radio tower near Temple Gate to send signals which slowly turned the inhabitants insane after prolonged exposure, which is in turn part of Murkoff's mind control experiments.


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