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The Tethered versions of the Tyler family are minor antagonists in Jordan Peele's 2019 psychological horror film Us.


When Kitty hears commotion outside their house, she tries to get her husband Josh to investigate it. After lazily peering outside of the house, their daughters Lindsey and Becca are unceremoniously killed by their Tethered counterparts. Josh is then slaughtered by his doppelganger, and with her pained last breaths, Kitty tries to get her sound system Ophelia to call the police only for it to then play "Fuk Da Police" by NWA. After escaping their encounters with their Tethered, the Wilsons run towards the Tyler residence to inform them about the invasion only to stumble upon their dead bodies.

Taking advantage of Tex's (Josh's Tethered) friendship with Abraham, Gabe lures him into Josh's boat where he succeeds at killing him much to the distraught of Dahlia, Kitty's Tethered. Meanwhile, Dahlia takes Adelaide hostage and attempts to stab her after she tried to wear makeup belonging to Kitty. Unbeknownst to her, Zora and Jason manage to infiltrate the house and with golf club in hand, Zora is able to bludgeon one of the twins to death. She initially believes that she had succeeded in killing the other twin as well, but that twin was revealed to have still been alive, leading to Adelaide ending that one.

Just as Dahlia was about to stab Adelaide, Jason arrives and smashes an award made of a rock across the back of Dahlia's head, killing her. While planning to escape Santa Cruz and head to Mexico, the Wilsons briefly indulge in comparing their body counts, getting into a small argument over it.


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The Tethered
Leader: Red
Others: Adelaide | Tethered Tylers | Tethered Wilsons

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