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Villain Overview

I will be better than you.
~ Kisaki's declaration upon seeing Takemichi passed by him in Chapter 183.
Looks like Toman's a mess.
~ Tetta Kisaki as he begins his future plans.

Tetta Kisaki is the main antagonist of the 2017 Japanese manga series Tokyo Revengers and its 2021 anime adaptation. He is a former member of the Tokyo Manji Gang and former leader of Valhalla whose on hellbent to become a very powerful leader of the Tokyo Manji Gang itself and rise to power by manipulating Mikey, then all across Japan to make the largest crime syndicate within it.

He starts off as a minor antagonist in the Toman arc, the unseen overarching antagonist of the Moebius arc, the main antagonist of the Valhalla Arc, one of the secondary antagonists of the Black Dragon arc (alongside Shuji Hanma), one of the main antagonists of the Tenjiku arc (alongside Izana Kurokawa), and the posthumous overarching antagonist of both the Bonten arc and the Three Deities arc.

He is the archenemy of Takemichi Hanagaki, for being responsible of Hinata's murder all over a petty rejection, Manjiro "Mikey" Sano for killing everyone and destroying everything he cherished in order to corrupt and manipulate him easily, and Ken "Draken" Ryuguji, for killing Emma Sano, his girlfriend (who is also Mikey's sister).

He is voiced by Showtaro Morikubo in the anime and portrayed by Shotaro Mamiya in the live-action film.


Takemichi: Kisaki... That guy... Please expel him from Toman!
Mikey: Hah?
Takemichi: Why did you let a guy like him join Toman? I can't explain why, but he's bad news! He... Kisaki... He'll surely ruin Toman in the future!
~ Takemichi trying to warn Mikey about the true nature of Kisaki.

Tetta Kisaki is described by others who fear him to be a very ambitious, yet cunning, heartless, arrogant, remorseless, and a very sadistic individual who can never stop at nothing until he achieves of what he wants: becoming a very powerful leader in the Tokyo Manji Gang, but also the most dangerous criminal within Japan as his actions throughout the story are the whole result to it.

Despite his average status and not mostly physical strong apart from his own level of strength and combat prowess, it was his drastically abnormal yet higher intelligence that made him feared and dangerous to begin with. Because of his remarkable charisma in leading those who are willing to serve him, it makes it easier for Kisaki to manipulate those who allied with him or under his care.

But unfortunately even when they return the favor in loyalty, Kisaki cares little about his own subordinates and those who were his superiors alike, seeing no one in either groups he joined as tools and mostly to everyone in his viewing, objects that are easy to manipulate in order for him to selfishly make his plans and desires going his way, even willing to betray anyone he worked with as shooting Izana while partnering up with Tenjiku was that example. He also isn't one to cross the line of murder without hesitation, even going as far to hurt women to get what he wants, it happened when he killed Emma in a hit-and-run.

Apart from how cruel he can be, as a child he was once timid and insecure about himself before having to meet Hinata Tachibana and Takemichi saving her from a bunch of bullies, which started his agenda of wanting her from the very start. But upon hearing Takemichi wanting to become a delinquent, it was also the motivation of what started his path to becoming an dangerous gangster within the Tokyo Manji Gang, all for Hinata regardless if the actions he couldn't reconsider how she would feel from what he did.

But when rejected, this is where his love for her isn't solely genuine, instead out of pure obsession towards her ever since she chose Takemichi over him. Upon not understanding this, even refusing to acknowledge his actions, he would rather kill Hinata if she can never be with him. Additionally, he is willing to ruin the lives of those he manipulated without remorse in different ways, such as taking away the very people Mikey had cherished like his sister Emma when he killed her or Baji when he had Kazutora wound him, all for the sake of having Hinata to accept regardless of his actions.

Despite his physical limitations and also being the one controlling the strings of the events he caused and planned, he was at least willing to wait patiently and has a tolerance to his frustration of waiting for years of his own full extent of plans to succeed in the right moment, thus shows some minor persistence if some of those schemes failed. This was when he fully becomes aware of Takemichi having the ability to time-leap back into the past and present, but when it comes to Hinata rejecting him in each timeline, he was willing to not tolerate in moments like this.

Another case to Kisaki's character is that he isn't one to show remorse for his actions, horrible and unforgiving actions, as well as having a good facade to keep on when he was around Takemichi and Chifuyu in the present where he faked his apology of Baji's death before telling them he used Kazutora to do so. But when he prepares to kill Takemichi, he was seen weeping in front of him and calling him a "hero", though it does not mean what he felt was genuine remorse nor insecurity of being rejected in that timeline, instead it was out of irony to how Takemichi is willing to die and act brave, but additionally since this was only for his present self in a different timeline.

Even for the past self in his teenage years, he never thought of anyone he hurt but himself wanting to be the "Dark Hero" until Takemichi always foiled his plans to the point he can't stand him anymore and meaningful to each timeline where Takemichi intervenes, Kisaki would shift his intentions and opinions into obsession.

Overall through the complexity and dishonorable nature of Kisaki, he is an utmost embodiment of how evil he can be, not to mention cruel at the same time. Not having to have express how awful his actions came with consequences and conflicts as he is even willing to stage and orchestrate cruel events from Pah's friend's girlfriend's rape by the Moebius members to all the deaths from both past and present of those who were dear loved ones of each members or themselves of the Tokyo Manji Gang, mostly directed to Mikey in a personal matter, in which he lacked empathy out of this.

Everything about Kisaki does not make him seen in a different light as he himself is just a petty, selfish, and egotistical manipulator who brought himself to his own downfall sooner, regardless if past or present.


Kisaki, at his teens, has dyed his hair blonde with a style of an underact one, blue eyes, has an average height, and originally had plain white skin before having to have tanned himself. In addition he wears his signature sports glasses and his left ear has an earring attached to it, for his body attire, he was mostly seen wearing the Tokyo Manji Gang outfit, originally. When he was also originally introduced, his hairstyle was originally a crew cut one with a minor shaved part on the right side of his head.

As an adult, he had a minor dye of golden brown hair with a the side of his hairstyle swayed, wears a black business outfit contained with white line stripes, a darkish red-violet polo shirt inside, and a gray tie with blue stripes. Also, he wears black leather shoes in addition. He also happens to have his tanned skin ridden back to his original skin color.

Back as a child, he originally had black hair (his original hair color) but longer as his face originally had his eyes slighter and wears a polo shirt, short pants, and regular shoes.


Kisaki may not be the most strongest when it comes to physical combat or his own strength. Instead, if there was anyway to describe what made Kisaki an ultimately dangerous individual and threat is his intelligence to begin. Given the cunning nature to how he performs his plans and schemes into actions, all it takes is to manipulate those in his way.

  • High intelligence and intellect: As abnormal and twisted as it seems to be, he has the extraordinary ability to manipulate those into making a perfect backfire to foil Takemichi's intervention with the past even if time-leaping was that option. He was able to ingeniously manipulate at least countless other gangsters and individuals by his side, powerful or useful to him in terms to his schemes, to do his bidding at the full extension of serving as his pawns. To the point he can easily terrorized them with the intimidation he holds.
    • In addition, he holds up a facade that makes his expressions look genuine before unfolding his true nature behind that mask.
  • Physical strength and prowess: His own level of strength being very average to the point is not specifically his primary specialty comparing to his intelligence and manipulation. However, he can still have the impression of fighting and the capability to fully thrust his prowess as seen with how he punched Takemichi in retaliation for hitting his face. Even though far from being a physically strong delinquent, he can still manage on his own against other average-strength delinquents that compare to himself in fighting.
    • In addition to his strength, he also has some capabilities on using various weapons such as a bat or a gun he once had possession on.
  • Authority (depending on his position): Given he has joined different gangs, each of the authority he holds in position to each gang he controls to further his plans depends usually on the higher, superior positions he's in such as being a/an/the:
    • The 3rd Division Captain of the Tokyo Manji Gang: He can easily and freely communicate with the top leaders and has full control over his own division respectively.
    • Moebius Member: Though not confirmed what type he was, but he still managed to coerce Osanai and the group of Moebius themselves into succeeding to assault Pah's friend and raping the latter's girlfriend.
    • Leader of Valhalla: Giving him the full advantage and access into using and leading a multiple group of bloodthirsty and sadistic delinquents into battle.
    • General Staff Officer of Tenjiku: It's unknown or confirmed what type of control does this position take, though Kisaki is seen to have great influence and manipulation over the gang's leader and his trust verbally.


Kisaki oversees Mikey and Hanma's handshake, symbolizing a theory that he could somewhat be a time-leaper.

  • It was heavily theorized by Takemichi that Kisaki also has the ability to travel through time just like Takemichi upon the same method using a handshake. Furthermore, a hint was symbolized when Kisaki was overseeing the handshake Mikey and Hanma were doing but lacked anything particular because if Takemichi were to handshake with Naoto his past self would act unaware of the current events. It was later debunked that in Chapter 187, Takemichi confirmed that Kisaki has no such ability to time-leap but is aware that Takemichi can time travel still.
    • Another fact to know is that Takemichi can only time-leap with shaking hands with Naoto, if so then Kisaki must also shake hands with Hanma or Mikey at this point. However, in recent chapters, it's made clear the time-leap can only happen if the source to the time-leap must have a certain goal to change the future, after Takemichi saves the future with Kisaki dead, Naoto no longer has a goal and the time-leap won't activate. The same case could go to Mikey, when Takemichi attempts to save him from suicide, when holding each others hand it triggered the time-leap for the last time, this implies that Mikey had a goal to change the future to let Takemichi save him from creating Bonten.
      • Hypothetically, meaning Kisaki must hand shake with someone whose goal is to change the future in order to time-leap, however, Mikey in the future has no such thing to change the future unless he has a goal, to which there is no such thing connecting Mikey to Kisaki. Not even Hanma as well since he was most likely a pawn and has no such goal to change the future unless there's a reason. Conclusively, there is no such source for Kisaki to time-leap, which debunks the theory itself.
    • Another fact to know is that once the time-leap activates, either the future or past counterparts becomes unaware in one of those time periods. An example is when Takemichi from the past becomes unaware of his surroundings after the first timeline changed and then the time-leap sets him back to the past where he was about to make out with Emma, hypothetically speaking. It was one of the reasons why Takemichi theorized Kisaki being a time-leaper as he felt that Kisaki knew of the events and had strategized backup plans to secure his main objective, however, once Kisaki was confused from Takemichi's statement of him being able to time-leap. This fact also debunks Kisaki being aware of the future events, same could include for his future counterpart.
    • Also in Chapter 184, when Takemichi stated that he won't allow Kisaki to time-leap to change the events, Kisaki himself even confirmed to Takemichi that he thought he too is a time-leaper. However, upon the mysterious phenomenon across it was left ambiguous when Kisaki reacted to the statement and claim before Takemichi confirmed it later on. Kisaki was also about to state something Takemichi does not know about before his death, it could regard something about time-leaping, but either way it still remained ambiguous afterwards.
  • Because of his actions of killing those who were dear loved ones to Mikey, such Baji and Emma, alongside his pettiness of wanting Hinata for himself as the sole motivation from taking over Toman in the future. He is widely the most despised character in Tokyo Revengers by many audiences and fans for all the tragic events and problems he has caused to Mikey and everyone else.
  • He is the second character Takemichi had to defeat on his own, although briefly, with the very first being Masataka Kiyomizu.

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