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I'm just trying to go home.
~ Tex lying to Ryan.

Edward "Eddie" Sawyer also known as Tex Sawyer is a dangerous cowboy and the main antagonist of the film, Texas Chainsaw Massacre 3.

He is portrayed by Viggo Morestrin who also played Lucifer in The Prophecy and John James Urgayle in G.I. Jane.


He first mets Ryan and Michelle at Last Chance Gas Station, he and Alfredo pretend that they dont know each other.He stops Alfredo from harassing Michelle.

Tex finds Alfredo spying Michelle, he attacks him because of that. Alfredo fakes Tex's death by shooting him with a shotgun. As night falls, Tex jumps in front of Ryan and Michelle, causing them to crash as well another driver named Benny, when Michelle arrives his house, he catches Michelle with the help of his niece, who is the daughter of Leatherface, the two nail and tie Michelle in a chair in the kitchen, Tex's mother arrives as well his brother, Tinker Sawyer dragging badly injured Ryan.

Tex almost kills Tinker, by calling him Eddie, Tex's niece kills Ryan.Leatherface prepares to kill as well, then Benny arrives and starts shooting the cannibals, Benny kills Mama Sawyer and shoots Tinker's two fingers and ear.

Michelle frees herself from the chair however Tex catches her and Michelle stabs him in the chest with a knife, Tex grabs a hatchet and goes after Benny, the two fought and Benny soaks him with fuel, Benny throws zippo lighter at Tex, burning him alive.



  • In an alternative ending, Tex is killed by Michelle with the spike trap.
  • Tex is the least insane member of the family but when somebody calls him Edward or Eddie, he gets angry rather quickly.
  • Tex wears a feminine cooking apron and has painted fingernails.


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