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Tezcas is a minor yet pivotal antagonistic faction featured in Watch Dogs 2. They serve as the main antagonists of mission Eye for An Eye and minor antagonists in latter missions.



The Tezcas was formed in 1957 by the members of various Latino gangs in Southern California, they have since gone from a prison gang to an allied street gang, and the group are feared for being highly violent. The Tezcas are among the most violent faction and often engage in murder-for-hire with other gangs like the Aryan terrorists and with South American cartels.

Watch Dogs 2

During the campaign, Tezcas gangsters kidnapped and killed Horatio Carlin, an DedSec member and one of Marcus' friends. Consumed by grief and vengeance, Marcus led DedSec to take his revenge on Tezcas, he killed four gangsters and its leader Pablo Cortés.

In the aftermath, the gang is still active with some of their territories.

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