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Thadeous Oakley is messenger for the Shai-Gen Corporation, and one of the antagonists from Crackdown.


Thadeous Oakley is devoted to "The Message": The corporate traits that took over the hearts and brains of a country.

His administration of Shai-Gen's expanded and efficiant public ties campaign is exemplary. He single-handedly created the company universally irresistible and urged an unprecedented surge of new talent.

Oakley uses his own highly addicitve secret marking technics, and the manners are too refined to be acknowledged by anyone else. Clearly Shai-Gen's name tags on Oakley's life.


Thadeous Oakley has taken a soon retreat. That's the formal line from the Corporation. It is clear that the truth has been found by the Agency afterwards. They also know that the public belief in The Message has decreased and Shai-Gen's enlistment rate is already crumbling fast.

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