Thamuz is a villain in the Spawn series.


Thamuz is a ruler of Hell He firs appreared affter Mammon betrays Spawn Mammon, ordered Thamuz to capture Spawn and put him through the paces. Thamuz’s position in Hell was as the Master of Tortures, so while Spawn was on his table, things weren’t pleasant for Simmons. Thamuz conjured demons who took the shape of Simmons’ greatest enemies, who then taunted him before Thamuz tore Spawn’s soul apart. Eventually, Spawn was able to escape and the two didn’t meet again until the events of Armageddon. Unfornalitty for Thamuz Spawn now has Divine Powers which Spawn pays Thamuz back hard.

powers and abltilies

Thamuz is a ruler of hell and one of the strongest Demons in the Spawn universe.

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