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The synopsis of the Mad Titan Thanos from the Marvel Cinematic Universe.


Thanos was born to A'Lars, a member of the Titans, a race of powerful, tall, god-like beings that evolved on the planet Titan, and was the brother of Eros. He was considered a freak by his fellow Titans, due to a genetic mutation he bore. Despite this treatment, Thanos unconditionally loved his people and desperately sought to save Titan when the planet became threatened by the imminent catastrophic event of overpopulation. When society was facing collapse, Thanos suggested killing half the population of the planet to solve the problem, not in a prejudiced, but random, dispassionate, and fair to rich and poor alike. However, his idea was considered too drastic and was immediately dismissed by his people, resulting in Thanos being cast out like a madman by his people, which eventually earned him his reputation as "The Mad Titan". However, as Thanos predicted, Titan subsequently became devastated as well as nearly uninhabitable. Another result of this devastation was that the Titan species was on the verge of extinction. Thus, proving Thanos was right to an extent.

After the fall of Titan, Thanos, devastated by his inability to prevent the destruction of his people and possible resentment towards him for not listening to him, came to believe that the universe's vast population was consuming its finite resources, and if left unchecked, would eventually cause the destruction of the universe itself. Thus, to save other planets from Titan's fate, Thanos willingly became a galactic world-conquering warlord with the intention of destroying half of all life in the universe. With his tremendous power and intellect, Thanos quickly built an extremely powerful army and developed the technology and resources used before proceeding to move throughout the universe and destroying half of all life within the planets he conquered due to his ideology of balancing the universe. Thanos always made sure that the half of the population that was slaughtered was picked entirely at random so everyone would have a 50% chance of survival as even he felt that again certain groups was going too far. Undefeated and unchallenged in his reign of terror, Thanos was widely considered among the most powerful, if not, the most powerful being in the universe so greatly superior to others that even the thought of anyone defeating him was laughable and his cunning only backed up his power and served to earn him tremendous fear from his enemies, even ruling over a distinct region of space, and gaining control over the deadly armies of the Chitauri, the Outriders, and the Sakaarans.

To build his strength, Thanos collected children from several races that he conquered. His oldest children were Ebony Maw, Cull Obsidian, Proxima Midnight and Corvus Glaive after slaughtering half of their respective races. The four warriors, completely faithful and devoted to Thanos' command, comprised the Black Order and became Thanos's most trusted lieutenants.

Among the species he culled was the Zehoberei, a species of green humanoids. During the slaughter, Thanos' attention was caught by a young Zehoberei named Gamora, who was fighting against one of his Chitauri soldiers. Thanos admired her fighting spirit and took her aside just before Chitauri army began the massacre. There, Thanos explained his beliefs using a switchblade knife by balancing it on his finger. He then gave it to Gamora and told her to do the same just as Ebony Maw ordered the Chitauri soldiers to open fire on a group of Zehobereis. Afterward, Thanos adopted Gamora as his daughter afterwards, training her to become the deadliest woman in the galaxy, and over the years he had grown to deeply love her as his daughter. Favoring her above all others, constantly expressing pride and indulging her praises of him, even as she changed from being devoted to him to hating him, Thanos still believed she could become loyal to him again and inherit his throne, continuing to favor her above all others.

Also taken in was Nebula, a Luphomoid from another world he visited. He also had Gamora give her cybernetic implants. Both Nebula and Gamora had a sibling rivalry but became somewhat attached, with Nebula saying "of all our siblings, I hated you the least", which could imply none of Thanos' other children showed Nebula any compassion. Despite how close they were, they were constantly driven apart by Thanos forcing them to compete against each other. Thanos once called Gamora "my favorite daughter" without considering Nebula being present at the moment. In their childhood, Thanos would force the two to battle each other, and Thanos would force a cybernetic enhancement on the loser. Each and every time, Nebula would lose and her body became less and less organic. Despite this, however, Thanos told Nebula that she along with the rest of his children would go to the Garden and peacefully retire once he had won. At some point, he took command of the Chitauri species and used their leader, the Other, as an emissary.

During one particularly dangerous training session, Nebula and Gamora engaged each other in fierce combat in a competition to retrieve a data ingot for Ronan. The two female warriors were evenly matched and their bout leads them to a cliffside from which Gamora tossed Nebula over. Nebula was severely injured after the fall and subsequently was forced to undergo cybernetic augmentations. As she was being repaired, Thanos approached her and openly expressed his disappointment over Nebula's actions, lecturing her on the limits of weakness, even going as far as to say "flesh itself is a weakness" and even mentions he should kill her for her failure.

Even with his best efforts, Thanos eventually realized that they are far too many lifeforms in the universe for him to balance. Deducing that the Infinity Stones, objects of immense power that held considerable dominance over the various forces that occupied the universe, could perhaps solve this issue permanently, Thanos made it his life's goal to gather them and use their combined power to erase half of all life in the universe immediately, and forged several alliances in order to locate them. He successfully located at least one of the stones; the Mind Stone, which he then hid inside a Scepter that was capable of manipulating minds.

Through many years of searching, Thanos discovered a lead on the Orb's (which contained the Power Stone) location, and sent his daughter Nebula and Gamora to the Cloud Tombs of Praxius under Korath's command. Nebula fell victim to a trap during the mission, and Thanos, not being one who tolerates failure, forbade Gamora from rescuing her. Nebula was eventually forced to amputate her own arm in order to escape. The Orb was never recovered, but Thanos decided to let the failure pass and carried on his search. Thanos also sent Gamora to find the Soul Stone but reported back to him that her search had been unsuccessful, while in actuality Gamora had lied and she had found a map to the location of the Soul Stone and burned it to ashes. However, Thanos, being as perceptive as he is, easily saw through her lies. However, he allowed her to believe she had fooled him for the time being and decided to use this information in the future when it became useful to him. Thus, his conquest to preserve all life continued.

Marvel's The Avengers


In the film, Thanos appears in a post-credits scene, where the Other tells Thanos that the Tesseract, the Space Stone, is on a small world, a human world. It also informs him that Loki is ready to lead the Chitauri, and so he was given the scepter with the Mind Stone to get the Tesseract. In a post-credits scene, Thanos is revealed to have been Loki's benefactor, having provided the Chitauri Army and the Mind Stone inside Loki's scepter used by Loki in his attempted invasion of Earth. When advised by the Other that opposing the Avengers would be "to court death", as the human race was not as weak as Loki claimed, Thanos glances at the camera and flashes an evil grin.

Despite the defeat, Thanos remains unfazed, as he still possesses his immense armies and the resource needed to locate and eventually collect the Infinity Stones. In fact, the defeat only served to allow Thanos to investigate about the protectors of the Earth, becoming knowledgeable of the Avengers, who he deemed "unruly wretches" out of a mixture of respect and annoyance over their hinderance of his goals, until he eventually confronted them years later and gained respect of their determination, with a special interest in Tony Stark, who Thanos saw as a kindred spirit cursed with the knowledge of inevitable doom.

Guardians of the Galaxy

Thanos plays a more active role in the film, where he has enlisted the help of Ronan, Korath, and his daughters, Gamora and Nebula, to retrieve the Orb (Power Stone) for him. As it turns out, Gamora is not actually Thanos's daughter, since Thanos killed Gamora's family and snatched her as an infant to train her into the perfect assassin, having abused and tormented her in the process of doing so. This causes Gamora to betray Thanos, which leads to a chain of events that leads to Gamora finding her true calling as a protector of the universe and a member of the Guardians of the Galaxy, though it was later revealed he was fully aware of her betrayal but allowed it out of love for her, deciding to give her the leave and freedom she wished until it was time for him to involve her once more. It also results in other races hating her because of the actions she committed while under Thanos's rule.

When Ronan and Nebula are called to discuss Gamora's betrayal, Ronan kills The Other, who was speaking for Thanos, much to Nebula's surprise and concern. Thanos does not care about the death of the Other but is furious at Ronan for not only failing to obtain the Orb but also having alienated and cost him Gamora.

Thanos arguing with Ronan.

After berating Ronan and calling him "Boy", Thanos says he will destroy Xandar for Ronan if he brings him the Orb but promises to "bathe the star-ways with [his] blood" should he fail him. Nebula then easily persuaded the frightened Ronan to leave, as they knew too well he is no match for Thanos even without the Stones.

As stated before, Thanos promised Ronan that he will help Ronan destroy Xandar in exchange for Ronan's services. However, once Ronan gets a hold of the Orb, he feels he no longer needs Thanos's help and also decides to betray him. Nebula also decides to betray Thanos out of jealousy over Thanos showing a preference for Gamora over her. Ronan and Nebula take Korath with them, while Thanos, unfazed by their threats of killing him, cut off contact with them in anger of their betrayal.

In the end, Ronan and Korath are killed by the Guardians of the Galaxy (including Gamora), Nebula escapes and becomes a renegade villain independent of Thanos, and the Guardians give the Orb to the Nova Corps for safekeeping. Drax the Destroyer, who got revenge on Ronan for killing his family, decides to turn his attention to Thanos, as the latter was the one who sent Ronan to kill Drax's family to Gamora's dismay.

However, Thanos was still determined to find the six Infinity Stones and the Infinity Gauntlet so he can use them to conquer and rebalance the universe and this event would finally make him decide to come out to the open. He would eventfully encounter the Guardians for the first time several years later.

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2

Thanos doesn't appear in the film but is mentioned twice, once by Nebula (who angrily blames Gamora for the lifetime of pain and misery that she suffered at the hands of Thanos), and another by one of the Ravagers (led by Taserface) as he is aware that Nebula is Thanos' adoptive daughter. Eventually, after having a change of heart and helping the Guardians defeat Ego and the Sovereign, Nebula reconciles with Gamora but leaves her despite Gamora's pleas to become a Guardian and help them protect people from Thanos, intending to instead kill Thanos and prevent anyone else from falling under his control and experience the same suffering she had, unfortunately, she was unable to defeat Thanos and was overpowered and captured, with Thanos restraining her in Sanctuary II whern she tried to assasinate him.

Avengers: Age of Ultron

Thanos is indirectly mentioned numerous times in this film; the first time was when Tony said of a possibility that a powerful villain would destroy the Avengers. This was foreshadowed when Tony and Banner found Loki's scepter and used it to bring life to a peacekeeping A.I. program, which later became known as the homicidal cyborg Ultron, much to both Tony and Banner's distraught.

Gaining sentience from the power of the Mind Stone after breaking the scepter and killing HYDRA leader Wolfgang von Strucker, Ultron decides to utilize the Mind Stone in his plot to destroy the Avengers and all of humanity with his own army of Ultron Sentinels. Tony also suffered a nightmare (thanks to the powers of Scarlet Witch) where he sees all the Avengers being murdered (presumably by Thanos) while more Leviathans are heading towards the Earth, foreshadowing Thanos' plot to take over the universe with the Infinity Stones.

Thanos dawning the Infinity Gauntlet.

Eventually, as Ultron and his Sentinels end up being destroyed by the Avengers at Sokovia while the Mind Stone ends up in the possession of Vision, Thor, from his vision in the River of Sights, finally realizes that someone (Thanos) is the one who has been manipulating the events throughout the years for the Infinity Stones, referring to Thanos's part in Loki's invasion and Ronan's quest to acquire the Orb, although what part Thanos played in the Dark Elves's attempt to use the Aether remains unknown but he either somehow woke them up or had no actual part in their awakening.

Thanos finally appeared in a mid-credits scene, marking the end of his anonymous attempts to acquire the Stones. Thanos was tired and frustrated with both Loki's failure and Ronan's betrayal in his failed attempts to acquire the Stones and decided to take matters into his own hand. After acquiring as much information as he could on the Stones and finally prepared, Thanos arrived to Nidavellir and forced the Dwarf King Eitri to forge the Infinity Gauntlet in order to control the power of all the six Infinity Stones at once. After they had completed the Gauntlet, Thanos massacred them all, leaving only Eitri due to his help but he still cut off the Dwarf King's hands to prevent further weapon forging. Thanos then began to hunt for the Stones himself, believing himself to be capable of completing the task while smiling confidently to himself at the prospect of victory. He then took the Infinity Gauntlet from its hiding place, swearing to collect all of the six Infinity Stones (including the Mind Stone) by himself.

Thanos first went to Xandar to acquire the Power Stone, effortlessly destroying and decimating the Nova Empire in process. Afterwards, Thanos retrieved the Power Stone after breaking the Orb and then inserted it into his Gauntlet before massacring half of the Xandarians as part of his quest to balance the universe.

Thor: Ragnarok

Thanos' ship in Thor: Ragnarok.

Thanos doesn't appear nor is he mentioned in the film. However, his giant ship (the Sanctuary II) is seen during a mid-credits scene as it was intercepting one of the Grandmaster's giant ships containing the Asgardians survivors following the deaths of Hela and the Berserker Army, as well as the destruction of Asgard, by the hands of Surtur. It can be implied that Thanos and his forces are going after the Space Stone (the Tesseract) that Loki saved from Ragnarok following Surtur's death.

Avengers: Infinity War

Murder of Loki Laufeyson

In the film, Thanos is first seen when the Black Order massacred half of the Asgardians aboard Thor's ship. Thanos personally confronted and easily defeated and beat Thor half-to death, dragging him as he claimed to know what it was like to fail, but also stating one cannot stop destiny from arriving. Thanos then threatened to kill Thor in front of Loki if he did not hand him the Tesseract. Despite Thanos' threat, Loki seemed to be fine with Thor's death, which briefly incited a reaction of disgust from Thanos before he swiftly began torturing Thor with the Power Stone, deducing Loki was pretending to not care and true enough Loki gave in and told Thanos to stop. Thor then informed Thanos that they did not have the Tesseract, claiming it was destroyed during the destruction of Asgard. However, this was disproven when Loki spawned the Tesseract in his hand, much to Thor's dismay and Thanos's glee.

After manifesting the Tesseract, Loki assured Thor that the sun would shine on them again. Thanos mocked this claim and told Loki his optimism was misplaced. Loki then distracted Thanos by saying he was not an Asgardian, which shocked Thanos due to Loki always claiming to be one in all their interactions, allowing Hulk to attack. Despite the Hulk's raw power and managing to temporarily pummel Thanos, Thanos quickly recovered and used his superior strength, speed and vastly greater skill to quickly overpower and knock out the Hulk in a no-contest manner, swiftly ripping Hulk's hands off him and proceeding to effortlessly dodge, counter and land blows on the Hulk, beating him to a bloody pulp, and then once again easily overpowered Thor after he futility attacked him with a piece of metal which was broken off from his head, allowing Maw to bind Thor. After Heimdall gave the Hulk a chance to escape by teleporting him to Earth, Thanos calmly told him he should not have done it and then executed him with Corvus Glaive's glaive, much to Thor's dismay.

As Thanos took off his armor, Ebony Maw then handed Thanos the Tesseract, which Thanos easily crushed in his hand, revealing the Space Stone, which Thanos inserted into the Gauntlet alongside the Power Stone, granting him incredible powers over the fabric of space and allowing him to travel freely without any ships to any place he desired now. The Mad Titan then ordered the Black Order to retrieve the other stones on Earth. Loki offered to help, but Thanos mocked Loki's experience on Earth as being derived from his failures and knowing fully well Loki planned to assassinate him, when Loki offered his fidelity, the Mad Titan easily caught Loki's attack with the Space Stone. Thanos then disarmed Loki while sarcastically mocking Loki for choosing the word "undying", and rebuked that he should have chosen his words more wisely.

Thanos then grabbed Loki by the throat and lifted him in the air, slowly strangling the Frost Giant to death for his failure during the 2012 invasion of Earth, while giving Thor a mocking look as he watched helplessly. Struggling to speak, Loki defiantly told Thanos that he would never be a god. Having always held disdain at Loki's selfish desires, Thanos scoffed at Loki for his beliefs that Thanos wanted to become a god before he gave a cold smile as he crushed Loki's neck as punishment for an attempt to kill him before exhaling a deep breath of having killed someone he considered disgusting. Thanos then coldly dropped Loki's corpse in front of a distraught Thor, making it clear that Loki is truly dead and thus would not be resurrected for real this time. Using the Power Stone, Thanos then destroyed the Statesman and teleported his children and himself out of the exploding ship, leaving Thor and the dead Asgardian bodies to float in space.

The Reality Stone

With two of the Infinity Stones in his possession, Thanos sends the Black Order to Earth to collect the Time Stone (the Eye of Agamotto) and the Mind Stone while he travels to Knowhere, where he is interrogating the Collector to get hold of the Reality Stone (the Aether). As the interrogation was underway, the Guardians of the Galaxy (sans Groot and Rocket) arrive to stop Thanos. The plan was going smoothly until Drax, due to having lost his wife Hovat and his daughter Kamaria at the hands of Thanos' army, almost compromised the Guardians' position due to his anger, prepared to attack Thanos head-on and be the one that kills him. Star-Lord attempted to convince him to wait, noting that Thanos did not have the Stone yet, thus they could still take it from him before he even noticed. His attempt to stop Drax was unsuccessful, however, with Drax ignoring Quill, prompting Mantis to force him to sleep in order to prevent him from giving their location away.

Unfortunately, the sound of Drax collapsing on the ground drew Thanos' attention anyway, and he violently threw the Collector into a tank before advancing towards the Guardians. Before Star-Lord could give combat instructions to Gamora and Mantis, Gamora swiftly attacked Thanos without waiting, engaging in melee combat with her sword Godslayer. However, while Thanos managed to effortlessly destroy Godslayer, Gamora quickly fatally stabbed him in the neck with the remains of Godslayer and then stabbed him very switchblade Thanos had offered her as a child. Thanos appeared to quickly bleed out from his injuries, astonishing the other Guardians and the Collector, who stood in disbelief. The Titan pleaded with Gamora, heartbroken that she would murder him with his own gift to her, before succumbing anticlimactically to his injuries. After Thanos' apparent "death", Gamora down sobbing when she thinks that she has killed her father; partly out of relief, partly out of grief, since she was raised by the Titan after all.

Nevertheless, Thanos's voice was still heard in spite of the Titan's apparent death. Thanos noted that Gamora's tears indicated she still cared for him to an extent. As the dead Titan and the surrounding Knowhere began to dissolve in a red mist, revealing a burning wasteland, Thanos's trickery was finally revealed: The Titan had already laid waste to Knowhere and retrieved the Reality Stone, conjuring an elaborate illusion using the Stone in order to lure in his adopted daughter, who he knew would come for him. Thanos soon appeared himself and commented that while the reality was often disappointing, with the power of the Reality Stone, this no longer held true as reality would be his to command. Indeed, Thanos needed Gamora to disclose the location of the Soul Stone, is the only one who knew its whereabouts, telling her that he counted on their arrival.

Gamora immediately attempted to attack Thanos, but was quickly restrained by the massive Titan. Enraged and recovered from Mantis' sleep inducement, Drax attempted to attack Thanos, only for Thanos to simply smirk at Drax, knowing the latter wanted to avenge his family, and immediately incapacitate him with the Reality Stone, turning him into a statue that immediately crumbled. Terrified, Mantis inadvertently revealed herself, causing Thanos to turn his attention to her and transform her with the Stone as well, cutting her into still-conscious ribbons of flesh, before being confronted by Quill.

Thanos recognized Quill as Gamora's lover, who fruitlessly demanded that Thanos release Gamora, threatening to kill him with his blaster. However, Gamora reminded him of his promise to kill her if she was captured by Thanos, which they made shortly before their arrival. Reluctantly, Quill pointed his Quad Blaster at Gamora, though Thanos was skeptical that Quill would have the courage to follow through on his promise. Thanos then dared Quill to kill her by putting her up against the blaster point-blank. As they confessed their love to each other, Quill finally pulled the trigger. However, the Blaster only fired harmless bubbles - Thanos had preemptively transmuted the blaster's ammunition using the Stone, before transmuting the blaster itself into bubbles. Impressed with Quill for having the courage to do what was necessary, Thanos admitted to having a liking to Quill before he teleported himself and Gamora away with the Reality Stone, leaving Drax and Mantis to reconstitute themselves in the absence of the Reality Stone's effects.

Sacrifice of Gamora

Back on his Sanctuary, Thanos attempted to give Gamora food, believing that she was hungry, but Gamora angrily tossed it into his throne, saying bitterly that she always hated the throne, which Thanos simply retorted by saying he always hoped that she would sit on it anyway and succeed him. Having already heard Gamora's repeated confessions of hatred for his ship and her life, Thanos remained unfazed by all of Gamora's angry statements and simply said that he saved her when Gamora reminisced on how she was a child when Thanos took her.

Thanos then revealed to Gamora on how thanks to his decision to massacre of half the population of her planet, Zen-Whoberi is now prospered and simply dismissed the massacre as a small price to pay for salvation when Gamora angrily said it. Thanos then reminded Gamora on how she once had the same will as he had and that it was due to his training that she became the fiercest woman in the Galaxy and he was so confident in her abilities that he even send her to locate the Soul Stone, which she sarcastically apologized for failing to do. However, Thanos was unfazed and said that he is disappointed not because she did not find the location but she did and lied to him.

Thanos then took Gamora to reveal that Nebula has been captured due to her attempt to assassinate him. However, Thanos did not kill her and instead imprisoned her for interrogation, proceeding to torture her in front of Gamora. Even though Gamora desperately sought to conceal the location of the stone, Thanos revealed that he was aware that Gamora had lied to him by showing a video recording inside Nebula's system. Thanos went as far as to say that while Thanos turned her into the warrior she is now, he never taught her to lie and thus she was never a good liar. Nebula, when Thanos briefly pauses her torture, desperately tries to stop Gamora from telling him where the Soul Stone is. Thanos demanded the Stone's location again, but when Gamora stayed quite, tortured Nebula even further, long enough for Gamora to feel remorse for her pain. Finally giving in, Gamora told Thanos the stone was on Vormir.

Thanos and Gamora traveled to Vormir via a portal from the Space Stone and warned her that the stone better be recovered from where she last lost it or else Nebula would be killed. Thanos and Gamora then walked on top of the cliff and met a mysterious figure. The Stonekeeper would then talk to Thanos about retrieving the Soul Stone and how it extracts a terrible price but Thanos responded to his statement, that he was ultimately prepared for it. The Stonekeeper guided them to the top of a nearby cliff, as the Guardian of the Soul Stone explained to Thanos that obtaining the Stone required the sacrifice of a loved one. Upon hearing this, Gamora laughed in relief and mocked Thanos as a heartless and uncaring monster who loves nobody and nothing. Seeing Thanos has shed tears over this revelation, Gamora further mocked him for crying over his failure to obtain the Soul Stone, until the Stonekeeper informed her that his tears were not for him, but for her. Finally realizing that Thanos had genuinely grown to love Gamora, she was genuinely surprised for a moment and quickly and desperately attempted suicide using her knife, refusing to die for the Soul Stone, but Thanos used the Reality Stone to turn her knife into bubbles. Thanos lamented on how he had once ignored his destiny and cannot do it again before apologizing to Gamora as he tearfully hurled her off the cliff to her death.

As Gamora hit the ground, Thanos winced and closes his eyes when he clearly hears the sound of her hitting the stone, and her screams stop. Thanos sternly looked over the cliff and mourns over Gamora's death. A light burst out that briefly knocked Thanos out but once he awoke in the shallow waters of a river-like environment, he found the Soul Stone in his right hand and inserted it into his Infinity Gauntlet.

Showdown with the Avengers

With four Infinity Stones in place, Thanos travels back to his homeworld Titan, where he intends to wait for Ebony Maw to deliver the Eye of Agamotto. However, he found Doctor Strange waiting for him and instantly deduced that Maw is dead due to Tony Stark (Iron Man) killing him to save Strange (the current holder of the Eye). Unfazed, Thanos simply asked Strange where did he think Maw brought him to and corrected Strange when he calmly guessed Titan as being his home, saying it was. Thanos then told him about the history of his planet while altering the reality around it using the Reality Stone to show it's former beauty. Thanos explained how he planned to commit painless and randomly fair genocide across the entire universe with the assistance of the Infinity Stones, after which he simply intended to rest and watch the sunrise on an "grateful universe".

As his conversation with Strange ended, Iron Man dropped a massive piece of debris on him, which only served to infuriate Thanos, who simply blasted away the rubble and transmuted it into an endless swarm of bats and hurled them at Iron Man, forcing him to flee. Spider-Man then used his webbing to blind Thanos, and Drax the Destroyer quickly slashed him with his Knives while Doctor Strange conjured a sword to engage Thanos in close combat, but Thanos swiftly composed himself and quickly began to overwhelm them, overtaking Drax through several stones and blowing away Doctor Strange upon bringing down his Eldritch Magic shield with a kick.

However, Star-Lord maneuvered through Thanos' blasts with help from Doctor Strange, who conjured platforms for him to jump on and shot him before planting an explosive on Thanos' back, which briefly stunned him. The Cloak of Levitation wrapped itself around the Infinity Gauntlet, preventing Thanos from using it. Using this moment to his advantage, Spider-Man attacked Thanos with several kicks, assisted by Doctor Strange's portals, , but it only served to irritate the Mad Titan, who swiftly pinned Spider-Man down and angrily called him an insect before flinging him back at Doctor Strange, knocking him to the ground. Iron Man caused a massive explosion next to Thanos, who remained once again uninjured and simply used the Infinity Gauntlet to absorb the entire explosion and blast the flames back at him, knocking him from the air. Thanos was once again attacked by Spider-Man but he easily broke out of his web and used it to pull Spider-Man towards him, striking him in the face.

Suddenly, a ship crashed upon Thanos but he easily survived and was attacked by Nebula. Coldly greeting his former adopted daughter, she warned him that he should have killed her when he had the chance, to which Thanos hatefully spits that it would have been "a waste of parts". He then swiftly overpowered her but the group took advantage of the time Nebula bought and managed to barely restrain Thanos. Doctor Strange restricted the gauntlet while Drax, Iron Man and Spider-Man restrained Thanos' arms and legs, Strange opened a portal for Mantis above Thanos to inflict sleep upon him using her powers. Star-Lord then mocked Thanos and demanded the location of Gamora, visibly causing him to become crest-fallen. Mantis then revealed that Thanos was in mourning, which led Drax to wonder what a "monster" like Thanos had to mourn. Nebula, however, understood in horror and sadness that he had sacrificed Gamora for the Soul Stone. Star-Lord then angrily confronted Thanos to tell her that Nebula was lying and Thanos emotionally said he had to kill her.

Infuriated beyond all reasoning, Star-Lord repeatedly hit Thanos with his blaster, hitting Mantis' hands in the process which caused her to lose her grip on Thanos. Freed from his trance and now truly furious upon being reminded of how he was forced to kill Gamora, which only served to make him more determined to complete his goal so as not to let her sacrifice be in vain, Thanos angrily and brutally attacked the group, putting the Guardians of the Galaxy to sleep with a single wild shockwave and then using the Space Stone to pull an entire moon from the sky. Thanos then furiously used the Power Stone to obliterate the entire moon, which he then hurled at his opponents in a hail of meteors.

While Iron Man dodged the meteors and Spider-Man went to save the Guardians of the Galaxy, Thanos ferociously dueled Doctor Strange upon cornering him, with Strange launching the first strike with fiery beams. Thanos leaped into the air to avoid them and retaliated with a blast of energy from the gauntlet. Strange summoned the Mirror Dimension to absorb it and then hurled it back at Thanos. Thanos responded by crushing it with the Power Stone, unable to be trapped inside thanks to the Reality Stone, and then threw the remnants back at Strange in the form of a destructive black hole with the Space Stone, which Strange swiftly transmuted into blue butterflies, which momentarily confused Thanos.

Doctor Strange than proceeded to make almost countless copies of himself and attempted to restrain Thanos with Eldritch Whips. However, Thanos dispelled the many replicas of Doctor Strange using the Soul and Power Stones in unison and sundered his Astral Form out of his body until he regained control. Thanos was able to pull him to his hand before he could react. Thanos admitted he was impressed by Strange's mastery over Magic but criticized him for not using his "greatest weapon". Thanos then grabbed and crushed the Eye of Agamotto and tossed him aside.

Before he could look for the Time Stone, Iron Man, being the final Avenger standing, used a trap to restrain Thanos' gauntlet hand, making him unable to use its power. After a brief conversation in which Thanos revealed that he knew who Iron Man was and what drove him, which Stark expressed his profound grudge towards him, Thanos was attacked relentlessly by all of Iron Man's advanced technology but remained uninjured throughout the onslaught. Iron Man dashed forward and immediately struck Thanos again with two repulsor-powered battering rams, beating him back into a wall with enough force to break it. Recovering quickly, Thanos tore off Iron Man's helmet with his bare hand and punched him to the ground, although Stark reformed his helmet just in time to prevent his head from being knocked off. With Iron Man dazed from the devastating blow, Thanos quickly ripped the clamp from the Gauntlet, and blasted the downed Avenger with a concentrated beam from the Power Stone. Barely recovering, Iron Man managed to block and sidestep the blast by forming a shield.

Boosting towards Thanos in a renewed assault, Iron Man swiftly pinned the Gauntlet to the ground using a foot clamp before twisting around and pummeling the Titan's face with a repulsor-boosted hammer, with enough force to make him bleed. Unfazed, Thanos wiped the small amount of purple blood from his face and simply taunted the Avenger for giving so much labor and struggle only to shed a single drop of blood. Thanos then grinned and effortlessly ripped the Gauntlet free from Iron Man's hold, flipping the battered Avenger onto his back. Thanos began to brutally beat the downed Avenger with his fists, breaking off more and more of his armor with each strike. With Iron Man helpless to resist, Thanos lifted Iron Man up and followed with a point-blank blast with the Power Stone to the Avenger's chest, sending him flying and heavily damaging his armor.

Despite missing much of the upper half of his armor, Iron Man desperately persisted and attempted to hold off the advancing Thanos with his repulsors. Thanos merely blocked the blasts with the Infinity Gauntlet and began beating the Avenger once again, completely destroying his helmet. Stark attempted to defend himself with his bare hands, only for the massive Titan's overwhelmingly superior strength to force him to use both hands to barely block a blow from Thanos's single hand. As Thanos effortlessly blocked and firmly trapped his left hand, Stark then shifted the nanites from his left arm to his right arm to form a sword, and wildly stabbed at the Titan but Thanos easily caught the sword and ripped it from Stark's hand and ruthlessly stabbed him in the abdomen with it, quickly ending the fight in a no-contest victory.

Cradling the injured Stark's head in his hand, Thanos revealed his respect for the Avenger, genuinely impressed by his fearlessness and determination. Thanos took the time to tell the injured Stark that once his goals are complete half of humanity will still exist and he hopes they will remember him. Thanos rises the Gauntlet to finish off Stark only for Doctor Strange to intervene, offering the Time Stone in exchange for Stark's life, much to Stark's surprise and dismay. Thanos agreed but warned Doctor Strange to not double-cross him. Despite Stark's pleas to not give in, Doctor Strange revealed the Time Stone, having disguised it as a star in Titan's sky, and reluctantly surrendered it to Thanos. After taking the Stone, Thanos inserted it into the thumb slot of the Gauntlet, allowing him to control time itself now, leaving him with only one more to collect: the Mind Stone. Suddenly, Thanos was attacked by an awakened and enraged Star-Lord, who began to wildly fire at him, but Thanos remained unfazed and activated the Space Stone and vanished through a portal to Earth to retrieve the final stone.

Meanwhile, Corvus Glaive, Proxima Midnight, and Cull Obsidian assemble a massive army of Outriders to attack Wakanda, being aware that the hero Vision has the Mind Stone lodged in his forehead and is currently located in Wakanda. This forces several Avengers and the Wakandan warriors to fight back against Thanos's army. At first, the heroes are being overwhelmed, but Thor, Rocket Raccoon, and Groot arrived at the rescue with a new powerful weapon called Stormbreaker, allowing the Avengers and Wakandan warriors to finish off Glaive, Proxima, Obsidian and the Outriders to their defeat and deaths.

Executing the Snap

As unnatural winds began to blow, signalling Thanos' arrival, Captain America sensed the incoming threat and ordered the other Avengers to converge on his position to assist. Suddenly, a portal opened, and Thanos himself stepped through it, finally arriving on Wakanda and the Earth. With the Power, Space, Reality, Soul, and Time Stones mounted on the Infinity Gauntlet and only the Mind Stone, his final objective, not installed inside it, Thanos calmly and confidently glared at the heroes that stood between him and his goal. As Banner recognized Thanos and confirmed his identity, Thanos began slowly advancing towards Vision to get the final Stone.

Steve Rogers rallied the Avengers to hold Thanos off for as long as they could while Scarlet Witch, was forced to mercy-kill Vision to prevent Thanos from obtaining the stone. Bruce Banner, in the Hulkbuster armor, made the first strike, leaping furiously at Thanos, only for the Titan to calmly use the Space Stone to phase through Banner. Banner tumbled helplessly through Thanos into a solid rock cliff, where he released Banner from the phase, imprisoning him in the rock. As Captain America dashed at Thanos, Thanos casually blasted Rogers aside with a shockwave from the Power Stone. Black Panther then leaped at Thanos, but the Titan merely grabbed him in mid-air by the throat before he brutally punched him into the ground. Falcon then attempted to provide air support, only for Thanos to block all of his attacks effortlessly and incapacitate him by disabling his wings with the Space Stone.

Using the Space Stone to deflect War Machine's shots, Thanos simply and effortlessly compacted the Avenger's armor telekinetically before flinging him aside. Bucky Barnes then arrived to reinforce but was simply blasted aside with the Power Stone. Black Widow and Okoye moved to replace Barnes, with the latter throwing her spear at Thanos' head. Thanos simply stopped the spear and blasted Okoye aside with the Power Stone and then used the Reality Stone to trap Black Widow in a cage of rock before she could react. Groot then attempted to restrain Thanos using his vines, but Thanos effortlessly snapped them apart with pure strength and continued advancing toward Vision and the Mind Stone.

As Maximoff continued to pool energy into the Stone, Thanos was engaged once again by Steve Rogers, who managed to dodge Thanos attacks and land multiple hits upon the Titan. Despite managing to briefly hold back the Infinity Gauntlet, Rogers was finally downed with a direct punch to the head, leaving only Scarlet Witch to defend Vision. Desperately, Maximoff held Thanos back with a beam of energy to stall him further, who continued to slowly advance while blocking the beam with the Space Stone. Despite continuing to advance forward, Thanos was too late - with a final confession of love to Maximoff, Vision peacefully shut his eyes as the Stone's structure began to destabilize, and finally shatter in a violent explosion, disintegrating itself and Vision completely, destroying the Mind Stone.

As Maximoff lay on the ground, heartbroken, Thanos only stared at the barren crater where Vision had once remained. However, despite seemingly failing his goals, Thanos not only remained calm but comforted Maximoff, sympathizing with her pain at having to sacrifice what she loved most, having previously sacrificed his dearest daughter, Gamora, for the Soul Stone. Maximoff bitterly retorted, claiming he knew nothing of her pain, but Thanos replied that he had lost more than she could ever know just before noting that there was no time to mourn, Thanos activated the Time Stone, using its powers to reverse Vision's destruction, restoring the Mind Stone and rendering Maximoff's actions moot. Before she could stop him, Thanos easily knocked her aside, taking Vision by the throat and ripping the Mind Stone right from his forehead, killing him a second time. Flinging his lifeless corpse aside, Thanos inserted the Stone into the Gauntlet. As the Stones' combined energies flowed through his body, even causing a bit of pain to the Titan, Thanos admired the Gauntlet, having finally completed his quest.

In a last-minute attempt to finish off Thanos and avenge all those who Thanos had killed, Thor blasted Thanos into the ground with a powerful lightning blast from his new weapon, Stormbreaker. Regaining his footing but unaware of the true properties inside the axe, Thanos unleashed an energy blast on Thor from the Infinity Gauntlet, who then hurled it with all his electrical power and great strength at Thanos' torso. The power of the fully enchanted axe, having been created to counter the Gauntlet, quickly overwhelmed the beam, and Thanos could do nothing to stop Stormbreaker from burying itself deep in his chest. Landing in front of the severely injured Thanos, Thor proceeded to vengefully remind Thanos of his promise to kill him. Thor then forced Stormbreaker deeper into his chest, causing him further pain and injury to make sure Thanos suffered before his death. However, despite being grievously wounded and in severe pain, the wound was not enough to kill him and the Mad Titan while struggling to speak at first, victoriously taunted Thor for not aiming for the head for an instantaneous kill. Thor, realizing his mistake too late, could do nothing but yell in horror as Thanos mustered the strength to simply snap his fingers anyway and activate the death wave. The Gauntlet was activated in a blinding flash of energy, altering the Universe on an unprecedented scale.

Nearly overwhelmed by the sheer amount of power required to use the Gauntlet's full power in his weakened state, Thanos briefly passed out, and to his great surprise, reawakened in a vast orange void, a world within the Soul Stone, without the Gauntlet or his fatal injury. Turning to find a lone Zen-Whoberi archway, Thanos found a reflection of a young Gamora's spirit standing alone underneath. Initially expecting Gamora to lash out at him, Thanos was surprised when Gamora calmly asked if he accomplished his mission and Thanos, preparing himself for the inevitable argument, resignedly acknowledged he had. Although horrified by the severe consequences of his victory, Thanos found that Gamora no longer had the drive to do so, having been resigned to being defeated and gently asked what his actions had cost. Thanos sadly replied that his actions cost him everything, as he had lost all his children, above all else Gamora, to which Gamora sadly concurred by nodding at this answer.

Regaining consciousness, Thanos returned to his body in Wakanda, the Infinity Gauntlet, and his left arm scorched and burned by the immense release of energy. Seeing no apparent change, Thor furiously questioned Thanos about what he had done, but Thanos, knowing that his goal was finally completed, merely smirked at Thor mockingly for how his selfish desire for revenge had cost him victory before teleporting away, leaving only a confused Thor and Stormbreaker falling to the ground, covered in Thanos' blood.

Quickly after Thanos vanished, half of all life in the universe slowly disintegrated into ashes: As Rogers questioned Thor as to Thanos' whereabouts, Bucky Barnes suddenly crumbled into dust in front of Rogers. M'Baku could only watch with horror as the Wakandan soldiers around him began to fade. Hidden on the ground in long grass, Falcon disintegrated as Rhodes called out to him, not realizing yet that his companion and friend was already gone. T'Challa, attempting to help Okoye up and encourage her to fight, fell into ashes before her eyes just as he attempted to help her up. Afterward, Rocket tearfully watched Groot fade away as he weakly called for his "father" to help him. Kneeling over Vision's lifeless body, Wanda Maximoff vanished into dust with a face of relief and peace on her face.

On Titan, in the aftermath of their defeat, the effects of the Gauntlet began to claim the lives of the battered Mantis, Drax, Star-Lord, Doctor Strange and Spider-Man, leaving Iron Man and Nebula as the only survivors on Titan. As the effects of Thanos' mass genocide took hold across the Universe, the remaining survivors could do nothing but stand in utter shock and defeat, unable to do anything but accept the reality of Thanos' victory.

Far away on an unknown distant planet, Thanos limped out of a farm with his wounds mostly healed, and his armor hung up on a nearby scarecrow. Finally, at peace, he sat down and smiled to himself in relief, satisfied that he finally defeated the heroes and achieved his goal. As a call-back to what he said to Doctor Strange on Titan, Thanos calmly watched the sunrise upon what he saw as a grateful universe.

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Thanos does not appear in the series, but he was mentioned in the Season 5 episode "The One Who Will Save Us All", where Graviton learned from the Kree about Thanos' plot to wipe out half of the universe. As such, Graviton suggests that they ally with the Avengers to fight against Thanos, but the Kree convinced him to obtain more Gravitonium in order to absorb it and increase his own powers.

Ant-Man and the Wasp

Thanos does not appear nor he is mentioned in the film. However, during a mid-credits scene following the arrest of Sonny Burch and the curing of Ghost, it is revealed that Thanos' death wave has killed Hank Pym, along with his wife Janet van Dyne, and their daughter Hope (known as The Wasp), leaving them to be wiped away from existence. The Pym family's demise also caused Hope's partner Scott Lang (known as Ant-Man) to be left trapped in a Quantum Realm, much to his complete distraught.

Captain Marvel

Although not appearing in the movie, Thanos is mentioned scarcely. Following the defeat of the Supreme Intelligence and Starforce of the Kree Empire, Captain Marvel gave Nick Fury a modified pager in case he would have to send out distress calls to her as she would be busy helping Talos and his fellow Skrulls find a new home planet to live in. The pager would be activated 23 years later during the events of Infinity War, prompting Captain Marvel to head over to the New Avengers Facility, where she saw that the surviving Avengers, moping over their failure to defeat Thanos and deeming Thanos's actions as being a nightmare, had retrieved Fury's pager before demanding to know where Fury is. She later found out in horror that Fury activated his pager before he was dissolved to his death along with half of the universe's populace thanks to Thanos' death wave.

Avengers: Endgame

Final days in the Garden

Three weeks after the cataclysmic events of Thanos' victory, Thanos decided to destroy the Infinity Stones, unwilling to let himself be tempted to a hunger for power by their omnipotence, seeing no purpose in keeping them after his goal was done. This further damaged Thanos, while the Infinity Gauntlet was fused into Thanos's hands, but he survived, though severely injured. Knowing he would die sooner or later, either by the hands of the Avengers or by the injuries he sustained, Thanos intended to only spend his remaining days in peace. Ironically enough, his action only hastened his death as mere 2 days after that, the Avengers tracked him down with the energy unleashed by the Stones.

When the Avengers arrived in his planet, a weakened and horribly scarred Thanos was picking crops from the fields of his hut before heading inside to cook up a stew. As he sat, Captain Marvel, who had been recruited by the Avengers, smashed through the roof of his hut and restrained him, alongside Bruce in the Hulkbuster and War Machine. As the weakened Thanos struggled against them, Thor quickly smashed through the hut and sliced Thanos' left arm off with Stormbreaker in order to free the Gauntlet. As Thanos roared in agony, Captain America and the rest of the Avengers came in, and Rocket Raccoon went to get the Infinity Stones from the Gauntlet, only to discover they were gone. Captain America interrogated the Mad Titan on the location of the stones, and Thanos revealed that once he fulfilled his goal to eradicate half of the universe, the Stones served no purpose beyond temptation. An angry Bruce Banner proceeded to assault Thanos, raging at him for his murder of trillions. Thanos retorted that they all should be grateful, disregarding the psychological effect his decimation had on the Avengers and the survivors.

Thanos then revealed that he had truly destroyed the Infinity Stones so he wouldn't be tempted to use them again and also to ensure his victory was permanent. Knowing that his work for the universe is done, Thanos proclaimed victoriously that he was inevitable and with his goal irreversibly completed, waited for the Avengers to decide his fate, having accepted his death. The Avengers refused to believe this and War Machine suggests tearing down Thanos' hut to find the Stones, but Nebula (in spite of her hatred towards Thanos) stated that Thanos is never a liar of any sort despite his atrocities, implying that his statement of destroying the Stones has to be true. Touched, Thanos sincerely thanked Nebula with his last words for pointing that out and admitting that he was wrong to treat her too harshly. With this horrible revelation revealed, a furious Thor decapitates Thanos with Stormbreaker in revenge, and a grieving Nebula took solace in Thanos' last words by closing his eyelids out of respect. The surviving Avengers then return back to Earth in shame, knowing now that even after killing Thanos, they have lost to him again as that they cannot reverse the death wave to bring back their loved ones.

For the next five years, the surviving populace is forced to live with the damage that Thanos caused. While they learn to adapt and show more patience and some positive effects do emerge from Thanos's snap, the environment being cleaner and endangered species increasing in number, the population remains unable to move on due to being traumatized by the deaths of their loved ones. Even the Avengers were severely impacted by Thanos's victory, with Thor and Iron Man leaving the team completely while Captain America, Black Widow, Captain Marvel, Rocket, the sole survivor of the Guardians, War Machine, Okoye, and Nebula could only depressingly help the world move on as much as possible, having only been able to settle with the hollow victory of killing the Mad Titan and only avenging but not resurrecting those killed by Thanos. However, Ant-Man escapes from the Quantum Realm and meets up with the Avengers, stating that he got stuck there when the death wave happened and that it took five hours for him to escape instead of five years. The Avengers soon learned that they can use the energy from the Quantum Realm to create a time machine so that they can go back and get the Infinity Stones to reverse the massacre. To that end, the Avengers regroup and split away into traveling into different timelines: Hulk and Captain America managed to retrieve the Time and Mind Stones during the Chituari invasion of New York from 2012, Iron Man and Captain America retrieved the Space Stone and several Pym Particles from 1970 S.H.I.E.L.D HQ, Rocket and Thor retrieved Mjølnir and the Reality Stone from 2013 Asgard, and Romanoff sacrificed herself in 2014 Vormir to allow Barton to obtain the Soul Stone.

Learning of the Sacred Timeline

In an alternate 2014 reality, Thanos informed Nebula and Gamera that he had found an Infinity Stone. Once they arrived inside Thanos' warship, Sanctuary II, a blood-covered Thanos transported into the ship after going on a massacre with his Double-Edged Sword. As he cleaned the blood from his massive sword, Thanos noted to his daughters that Ronan the Accuser had located the Power Stone and will be dispatching them to his ship. Gamora noted that Ronan would not approve of this, but Thanos merely told her that Ronan's alternative was death and that his obsession clouded his judgment.

Nebula bowed down to her father and promised to not fail and make him proud. Thanos was pleased and told her that he knew she wouldn't. Suddenly, Nebula collapsed in pain as her mind was then rewired with her future self, revealing her intentions of taking the Power Stone before Thanos could. Suspicious but unwilling to kill his daughter out of whim just for seeing what is not fully confirmed to be a betrayal, he ordered Gamora to bring Nebula to his ship.

After bringing her to his ship, Thanos and Ebony Maw decided to run diagnostics on Nebula's memory file. Maw noted to Thanos that Nebula's file was intertwined with another one and her memories aren't actually from her but from another Nebula from the future. A puzzled Thanos claimed the idea was impossible, but Maw further informed him that her future self carries a timestamp, being nine years later.

Thanos told Maw to access Nebula's memory files for the Infinity Stones. After Maw had accessed Nebula's memory files in the future, Thanos saw the Avengers planning their time heist for the Infinity Stones and told Maw to stop the video. Thanos recognized the Avengers as the "unruly wretches" the Other had told him about, before taking notice of a reflection in the video, Thanos told Maw to amplify the reflection, and as he did, it was revealed to be a reflection of Nebula, revealing she was part of the team. Thanos ordered Maw to scan more memories from the future, wanting to see everything he could.

Meanwhile, on Morag, War Machine had successfully time-traveled back to 2023 with the Power Stone, but 2023 Nebula remained behind as her memories were still overloading. While 2014 Nebula had finally accessed her own memory files from the future, Thanos observed his injured future self, explaining that he destroyed the Infinity Stones, although he was almost killed by it. Thanos came to the realization that the Avengers weren't trying to stop something he had been doing in their timeline but stopping something that his future self had already done in their timeline.

As he reviewed the Avengers' ambush on his future self, Thanos noted to Gamora that he had already completed his quest in collecting the Stones, successfully executing his plan to balance the universe. After Gamora bowed down before her father, Maw proclaimed that this was Thanos' future, while Thanos declared that it was his destiny. Continuing the footage, Thanos soon witnessed his brutal death at the hands of Thor. Although those in the room were horrified by this, Thanos was not fazed at the sight of his own death and calmly said that his destiny was fulfilled.

After Thanos' comment, Ebony Maw declared that Nebula was a traitor and attempted to strangle the past Nebula for joining the Avengers. Nebula desperately said that she would never betray Thanos as Thanos calmly approached her. Thanos listened to her call for mercy and broke Nebula free from the restraints on her neck and noted that he understood it was not her. Holding up her chin, Thanos explained to Nebula that she will have the chance to prove her loyalty to him. Using the information gathered to further his goal, Thanos proceeded to capture 2023 Nebula on Morag while he sent 2014 Nebula to interrogate her once she was brought aboard his ship.

Once the past Nebula had retrieved the Pym Particles that the Avengers used to go back in time, Thanos was introduced to it while sitting on his throne. Looking at the Pym Particle that he was given, Nebula informed him of her plan to impersonate her future self and recover the Infinity Stones. As 2014 Nebula time-traveled to the future, Thanos assigned Gamora to watch over her future adoptive sister. In order to be able to follow Nebula into the future as well, Thanos had Ebony Maw use his sorcery to reverse-engineer the Pym Particles so that there would be enough for his fleet to use in order to time-travel into the future.

By the time the past Nebula arrived on Earth in 2023, the Nano Gauntlet had been constructed by the Avengers using the gathered Infinity Stones, with Hulk using it to reverse the effects of the Snap. Although horribly injured by using the Gauntlet, Hulk was successful in bringing back all those who had died originally during the Decimation. However, as they did this, past Nebula used the time machine to transport Thanos and his entire fleet from 2014 to the present day.

After arriving in the future, Thanos obliterated Avengers Compound with the Sanctuary II, causing Hulk, War Machine and Rocket Raccoon to become trapped under the rubble to drown before Ant-Man came to rescue them. After destroying Avengers Compound, Thanos transported himself into the wreckage to try and relocate his position of the plan. Upon leaving his ship, Thanos was approached by past Nebula, who earned Thanos' praise for bringing him and their armies over to the present. Thanos then sent Nebula to find the Infinity Stones while he calmly waited, intending to lure the Avengers to him.

Fully aware of the transgressions of what has happened and is about to happen, Thanos calmly awaits the arrival of the Avengers. As Iron Man, Captain America, and Thor approached the Mad Titan, the latter confronted them for being unable to move on without their loved ones and making his deeds so ungrateful to the universe. Declaring this as the last straw as he was already annoyed with them for stopping his invasion of Earth, Thanos announces his next plot of destroying the universe and rebuilding it with vast resources and life that will be forced to be grateful to him. When Captain America noted how the new universe would be built from blood, Thanos said it wouldn't matter because the Avengers won't live to tell them about, before engaging the three Avengers in a brutal battle.

During the ensuing fight, despite facing the three strongest Avengers, Thanos quickly proved himself to be too much for even their combined might as he fought off and slowly but surely gained the upper hand with his superior power, speed, and fighting skill with his massive double-edged sword. While Thanos engaged Captain America in close combat, Iron Man blasted his repulsors from the help of Thor's lightning, causing Thanos to use his Double-Edged Sword to spin it with his right arm and deflect it the massive attack. Thanos pushed forward with his Double-Edged Sword, moving closer and closer to the Avenger. Once he grew close enough, Thanos broke himself out of the situation and picked Iron Man up with his bare hands, attempting to rip the Avenger in half. Before he could do so, Thor was forced to throw Mjølnir at Iron Man, knocking the Avenger out of Thanos' hands and saving his life, although knocking him out.

Captain America once again engaged Thanos in combat, landing a hit on the Titan, but Thanos merely punched the Avenger away as he protected himself with his shield. Thanos then threw his sword at Thor, who evaded the attack and lunged at Thanos with Stormbreaker. Thanos's sword returned to Thanos' hand and he was able to block Thor's attack. Although disarmed of his weapon, the God of Thunder's years of drinking and inactivity made Thanos easily able to defeat Thor even unarmed and he simply broke Thor's guard to disarm Stormbreaker out of Thor's hand and proceeded to beat the Avenger down before brutally beating him down into the ground. Thor attempted to summon Stormbreaker to kill Thanos, but Thanos caught it before Thor could and attempted to cut Thor in half with the axe, overwhelming Thor's attempts to stop him. Before Thanos could actually kill Thor, Mjølnir is thrown at his back and knocks him down. The hammer flies back to its wielder, who is revealed to be Steve Rogers - who has proven himself worthy to wield the mystical hammer, much to Thor's delight.

Thanos kicked Thor to the ground and proceeded to battle Captain America, who was now armed with both Mjølnir and his shield. At first, Steve Rogers proves to be a match to Thanos with his already superhuman physical prowess dramatically empowered, even being able to cast powerful lightning at the Titan, but Thanos manages to dodge an attack from Captain America and proceeds to choke-slam the Avenger to the ground. Thanos then removed his damaged helmet and attacked Rogers with his sword, managing to cut him across the leg while swinging the blade. Gaining control, Thanos caught an attack from Rogers and knocked Mjølnir out of his hands. Thanos then picked up his sword and swung at Rogers, who blocked the attack with his shield, although his shield was damaged during this. Thanos then began to swing savagely at Rogers' shield, severely damaging and break it after multiple swings. Thanos then sent Rogers flying with a final sword swing.

The battle for Earth

With the three Avengers defeated, Thanos expressed in his seething rage that he will personally enjoy razing the Earth and wiping out all of its populace in a way that he had never done in his previous conquests. Thanos then summoned his entire army, including Outriders, Sakaarans, Chitauri, and the Black Order, which emerged from his warship behind him. Despite being outnumbered and injured, Rogers rose from the ground and stood ready to face Thanos and his entire army alone until he suddenly receives a faint radio communication from Falcon, who tells him to look behind him.

Just then, a portal opened behind Rogers as Black Panther, Okoye, Shuri, and the Wakandan Army slowly arrived at the battlefield. Another portal from Titan opens to reveal Doctor Strange along with the Guardians of the Galaxy and Spider-Man. More portals began opening as the Asgardians, the Ravagers (including Howard the Duck), and the Masters of the Mystic Arts joined the Avengers' side. Pepper Potts, now donning a blue-and-silver armor, also appeared. After everyone forms up to face Thanos and his forces once and for all, all the allied teams charged at Thanos' forces as Thanos himself smirks and motioned his army to attack before joining the fight shortly after.

While killing a few of the Masters of the Mystic Arts, Thanos demanded to know 2014 Nebula's whereabouts, but Corbus Glaive told him that she wasn't responding on her intercom before Ebony Maw alerted him to the Nano Gauntlet's location. Thanos managed to knock the Gauntlet away from Black Panther, but as he ran towards it, he was confronted by the Scarlet Witch. The enraged woman, who remembered how Thanos murdered Vision, hatefully told him that he took everything from her. Thanos furiously responded by saying he didn't know who Scarlet Witch was, being from the past, but she told him that he would and engaged him in battle. Despite initially gaining the upper hand on her, Wanda managed to overcome him, depriving him of his double-edged sword and lifting him and using telekinesis to almost tearing him apart. During the assault, Thanos furiously ordered a missile strike (though at the cost of losing much of his forces in the process). Though the airstrike was successful in keeping Scarlet Witch and the Avengers at bay, Captain Marvel arrived from space and destroyed the Sanctuary II as Thanos watched in surprise.

Shortly after, Ant-Man and Wasp attempted to return the Infinity Stones to the past using the Quantum Realm, but Thanos himself managed to halt their efforts and attempted to retake the Gauntlet in the ensuing chaos, before being attacked again by Captain America, Thor, and Iron Man. Despite their efforts, Thanos overpowered the three before successfully taking the Iron Gauntlet, but before he could wield it, Captain Marvel stopped him and engaged the Titan in a vicious fight. Thanos managed to toss her away before finally donning the Gauntlet, causing energy to surge throughout his body. Despite the pain, Thanos attempted to snap his fingers and destroy the universe, but Captain Marvel seized and forced open his hand, stopping him from doing so. Thanos attempted to headbutt Captain Marvel, but she didn't react at all to the attack. Slowly being overpowered, Thanos pulled the Power Stone from the Gauntlet and used it to violently blast Captain Marvel away with a punch, knocking her out of the fight.

Placing the Power Stone back in the Iron Gauntlet, Thanos was briefly halted by Iron Man, who tried to prevent him from using the Gauntlet, but Thanos violently knocked Iron Man aside and donned the Gauntlet back into his hand. Having defeated all the Avengers once again, Thanos (with an evil smile) taunted them of their failure by repeating his future self's words that he is inevitable before snapping his fingers with the Gauntlet, expecting for the entire universe to be destroyed and all of its populace to be extinguished by his own will.

However, this time, to Thanos' surprise, his snap has no effect at all as the Gauntlet is missing the Stones. He shortly discovers that Iron Man actually managed to remove the Stones from the Gauntlet and transfer them to his armor in case Thanos would get his hands on the Gauntlet. Iron Man taunted back at a stunned Thanos declaring himself to be Iron Man before snapping his fingers with the Stones at the cost of his own life, causing all the Black Order and their alien armies (except for 2014 Gamora and Nebula) to disintegrate into ashes with Iron Man's human body being unable to sustain the power. Watching all of his massive armies fade away into ashes around him, Thanos is left in horror that his goals have been undone. Realizing that there is nothing he can do to prevent his impending death, Thanos solemnly sits down among the devastated battlefield, gazing at the darkened sky, and resignedly accepting his fate in despair as he is wiped away from existence, finally ending his reign of terror on the universe once and for all and avenging all the deaths he and his future self had committed, including half of the Zehoberei, half of the Luphomoids, half of the Xandarians, half of the Asgardians, Drax's family, the Dwarves, Loki, Heimdall, 2018 Gamora, and Vision.

With Thanos and his forces finally defeated at last, the Avengers are satisfied that they have finally defeated them for good. Following Iron Man's funeral, the Avengers return the Stones (and Mjølnir) back to their original places and timelines before going their separate ways, safe in the knowledge that the universe is at peace for now, thus leaving Thanos' ultimate goals in complete vain.


Spider Man: Far From Home

Thanos' actions leave an enormous impact in the aftermath of his final defeat. As the Earth begins to recover, Iron Man is revered for his sacrifice, and there is much speculation as to who will replace him as the world's next hero. The return of Thanos' victims results in problems with identity documentation, as they returned five years after their deaths without having physically aged. Any high school student that was a victim of the Snap is subsequently forced to retake the entire school year, even if they had already completed midterms, including Peter Parker's class.

An even more enormous consequence of Thanos's final defeat was the emergance of Mysterio, Iron Man's former employee, who attempted to take advantage of the spot left behind by Iron Man to become the world's greatest superhero. Although Spider Man was able to stop and kill Mysterio, Mysterio's crew was able to frame him for murdering Mysterio, who was still publically a hero. As such, Thanos's final defeat proves to be the main factor of Mysterio's rise and fall and Spider Man's subsequent becoming believed to be a criminal.


The Blip is shown in episode 4 "We Interrupt This Program", opens with Monica Rambeau getting unsnapped in a hospital. A good amount of time is spent focusing on the ensuing chaos.

Thanos is also mentioned in episode 5 "On a Very Special Episode...", where Monica recalls that Wanda almost defeated Thanos on her own if he hadn't ordered to rain fire.

Thanos is yet again mentioned in episode 7 "Breaking the Fourth Wall", where after awakening her from Wanda's hypnosis with his powers, Darcy Lewis tells Vision about what led Wanda to create the Hex over Westview, including the fact that he was killed twice during the Infinity War, mentioning how Thanos reversed time to forcibly take the Mind Stone from him.

Thanos makes a cameo in a quick flashback sequence in episode 9 "The Series Finale", where while Wanda fights against Agatha Harkness, Vision uses his powers to give Spectral Vision, the original Vision's body who doesn't remember his past life, all his memories back, leading Spectral Vision to see a glimpse of how Thanos killed him during the Battle of Wakanda.

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier

Thanos' actions once again has a deep impact in the story of the show. It is revealed that during the Snap, despite the devastation it caused to the world, it still had a side effect of causing the world to work together collectively and once the Snap was reversed, the countries that were once so willing to help one another went back to being as cautious and wary of each other as before. This caused a group of anti-nationalist super soldiers known as the Flag Smashers, led by Karli Morgenthau, has risen to prominence, intending to restore the world to how it used to be before Hulk brought back Thanos' vanished victims with the Blip. Ironically, it turns out that Thanos was actually correct when it came to the lack of resources that could be caused by overpopulation, as the world's governments struggles to provide the resources needed by the former victims of the Snap. This lead to the refugees being forced out of their homes and having difficulty surviving, with many suffering diseases and hunger that the Flag Smashers took advantage of by supporting such people with medicine and food, in particular claiming the live of Donya Madani with the disease of tuberculosis. At the end of the first season, following the defeats and deaths of the Flag-Smashers, Morgenthau and Georges Batroc, Falcon, now Steve's successor, mentioned Thanos by stating that just like Thanos who had the power to wipe out half the planet, the governments also had the power to try to make things better for both the refugees and the former survivors of the Snap.


Thanos makes a non-physical cameo in episode 1 "Glorious Purpose". After the 2012 Loki escapes during the Time Heist due to 2012 Hulk accidentally knocking 2023 Iron Man while trying to escape with the Tesseract, 2012 Loki creates a branched new reality by teleporting away with the Tesseract, which leads to the Time Variance Authority arresting him for messing with time and Mobius M. Mobius interrogating him. During the interrogation, to prove 2012 Loki that he wasn't born to be king but to cause pain and suffering, Mobius shows him clips of his main counterpart's life. Once Loki returns to the room alone after an escape attempt, he curiously checks his main counterpart's life after the Battle of New York and witnesses how Thanos kills his main counterpart in 2018, leading him to regret his choices and turn over a new leaf to Mobius.

In episode 5 "Journey into Mystery", after being sent to the Void by Ravonna Renslayer for discovering along with Sylvie Laufeydottir that the Time-Keepers were androids, Loki mentions Thanos while talking with other variants of his, being these Classic Loki, Boastful Loki, Alligator Loki and Kid Loki. While discussing how they created their own Nexus events, Classic Loki reveals that he actually underwent an identical life like that of the main Loki until the attack on the Statesman, during which he hid and tricked Thanos into killing an illusion of his, but he later regretted causing so many deaths and suffering so he isolated himself in a planet until the TVA arrested him. It's unknown what happened to this Thanos, but it's likely that he underwent through the same events like his Sacred Timeline counterpart.

On another note, a wrecked yellow helicopter adorned with the word "Thanos" can be seen outside Kid Loki's underground base, referencing the infamous "Thanos-Copter" from the comics. It most likely belongs to a variant of Thanos that was apprehended by the TVA and banished to the Void, though such variant's fate following this is unknown, yet it can be easily assumed that the variant may have been consumed by Alioth.

In episode 6 "For All Time. Always.", as Loki and Sylvie prepare to meet with the He Who Remains, Miss Minutes warns them about him and offers them to have the He Who Remains place them back in their original timelines without creating any Nexus events. In an attempt to persuade Loki to accept the offer, Miss Minutes says that the He Who Remains could send Loki back to the Battle of New York and have him win it, and even allowing him to kill Thanos and get the Infinity Gauntlet for himself. However, like Sylvie, Loki isn't persuaded and goes to meet the He Who Remains at his office.


Thanos is mentioned many times throughout the film. It turns out that Thanos performing the Snap did have a positive effect in the long run, as wiping out half of the Earth's population helped to delay the birth of Tiamut, a Celestial planted on the Earth's core by Arishem the Judge, the creator of the Eternals, that would destroy Earth upon coming out from its core. Thanks to the Snap, Tiamut's coming out was delayed, but after the Avengers brought back the Snap's victims with the Blip, Tiamut's rise was resumed.

When Sersi tells Dane Whitman about her nature as one of the Eternals, Dane asks her why she and her teammates didn't intervene during the Infinity War to stop Thanos from causing the Snap, but Sersi assures him that the Eternals didn't interfere due to their oath to not be involved in human conflicts that didn't involve the Deviants.

In the mid-credits scene of the film, as they wait for Arishem to judge their actions to see if Earth deserves to be spared following Tiamut's destruction at the hands of the Eternals, the Eternals meet Pip the Troll and Eros of Titan, Thanos' never-before-seen brother, who wants to help the Eternals to save their friends.

Spider-Man: No Way Home

Thanos is mentioned by Spider-Man while talking with his Raimiverse and Webbverse counterparts as they prepare to fight the Green Goblin, Sandman, the Lizard and Electro at the remodeled Statue of Liberty. After MCU Spider-Man asks his other counterparts who were the craziest villains that they fought, Raimiverse's Spider-Man takes the opportunity to speak about his own encounter with "an alien made out of black goo", leading an impressed MCU's Spider-Man to mention that he fought with an purple alien, one time on Earth and another in space, referring respectively the Thanos of the past and the present. As such, Webbverse's Spider-Man expresses disappointment that he never fought an alien but a "Russian guy in a rhinoceros machine".

Thanos is mentioned again in the mid-credits scene by Eddie Brock / Venom as they talk to a bartender at a Mexican bar after they were transported from the SPMU to the MCU due to Doctor Strange's spell, asking for details about what has happened in the MCU as for now. The bartender talks with them about Thanos, whom he also refers to a purple alien, and his crusade for the Infinity Stones, which leads Eddie and Venom to say that aliens don't love stones, causing the bartender to comment how he lost his family to Thanos' Snap. However, Brock and Venom are sent back to their home universe shortly afterwards.

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness

Thanos is mentioned by Scarlet Witch while discussing with Doctor Strange how she plans to use America Chavez's powers so she can bring back her erased children Tommy and Billy, by pointing out how Strange broke the rules by giving Thanos the Time Stone during the Infinity War to let him perform the Snap to ensure the Avengers could reverse it five years later only for Strange to be praised for his heroism once the Blip brought back everyone whereas she broke the rules by transforming Westview into her ideal city for her family and this led her to be hated by everyone, just to make Strange realize his (even if justified) hypocrisy.

Later on, after Strange and America end up on the futuristic Earth-838 with America's powers while trying to escape from Wanda, they discover that the Doctor Strange of that reality gave up his life to stop Thanos' threat, leading the Earth to praise him for his heroism, even building him a memorial statue. However, after Strange is detained and tried by the Illuminati, it's revealed that this Strange wasn't ideal as he seemed and Thanos was more grave of a threat than the public knew, because while he formed the Illuminati, he tried to use the Darkhold to defeat Thanos but failed as Thanos kept growing stronger and collected more Infinity Stones, even as the Illuminati opposed him, with Xavier describing it as a hard war. Eventually, it escalated to where only the Book of Vishanti allowed the Illuminati to finally defeat and bring down Thanos, having him impaled with his own Double-Edged Sword. It was due to Thanos's grave threat, with the implication that he killed at least dozens of heroes, that the Illuminati portrayed Strange as the greatest hero in the universe by claiming he sacrificed himself against Thanos.

What If...?

This version of Thanos doesn't appear. However, in some episodes, we get to see his variants from the Multiverse.

"What If... T'Challa Became a Star-Lord?"

In episode 2, a variant of Thanos plays a very different role to the one his original counterpart had in an alternate universe where Prince T'Challa from Wakanda became Star-Lord instead of Peter Quill, as Yondu Udonta asked his fellow Ravagers to retrieve Peter instead of doing it himself. It turns out that at some point after 1988, Star-Lord met with Thanos, who was already on his crusade to wipe half life in the universe and managed to convince him into stopping his plans, insisting that there were other ways reallocate the universe's resources. Realizing that T'Challa was right, Thanos gave up his plans in gathering the Infinity Stones to perform the Snap and redeemed himself, joining the Ravagers as another of Star-Lord's crewmembers. He even patched things up with Nebula, though the Black Order defected him.

In 2008, Thanos and the Ravagers, led by Star-Lord, go to recover the Embers of Genesis from The Collector, who rose up in the criminal underworld following Thanos' redemption and adopted the Black Order as his enforcers at Knowhere. To allow Star-Lord to steal the Embers, Thanos and Korath the Pursuer make a distraction at Knowhere's streets, but they are all ultimately imprisoned by The Collector after Nebula apparently betrays them. At their cell, Thanos and the Ravagers see how T'Challa confronts Yondu about the truth behind his family, as T'Challa had recently discovered that his family was still alive and seeking for him though Yondu told them they died. However, after T'Challa is taken away to be imprisoned by The Collector and Ebony Maw, Nebula kills Corvus Glaive and rescues Thanos and the others, saying that it had all been part of the plan to perform a triple-cross.

While Star-Lord and Yondu face The Collector, Thanos, Nebula and the Ravagers run away to escape from Knowhere while pursued by Black Dwarf, Proxima Midnight and some Sakaraans. To allow his allies to escape, Thanos stays behind and fights the Sakaraans before proceeding to fight with Black Dwark and Midnight, but Midnight stabs him in the leg, prompting Nebula to save him by shooting Midnight and throwing an Ember of Genesis into Black Dwarf's mouth, blowing him apart from the inside and causing the growing plans to take Midnight away, allowing Thanos to jump back into the M-Ship with Nebula. Once the job was done, Thanos and the Ravagers accompany T'Challa back to Wakanda to reunite with his family. During the reunion party, Thanos cuddles Cosmo the Spacedog and tells Okoye about his original plan to bring balance to the universe, to which Okoye asks him if his plan didn't involve genocide, leading Thanos to say that it wasn't genocide because it was meant to be random, much to Nebula's embarassment.

"What If... Zombies?!"

In episode 5, a variant of Thanos plays a similar role to the one his original counterpart had in an alternate universe where a zombie apocalypse was unleashed through the Earth. In 2018, after his attack on the Statesman, Thanos sends Ebony Maw and Cull Obsidian to retrieve the Time Stone from the New York Sanctum Sanctorum, but Maw and Obsidian are quickly infected by the zombified Iron Man, Doctor Strange and Wong, leading Hope van Dyne to kill them all. It's implied that while all of this happened on Earth, Thanos did all the actions he did in the Sacred Timeline up to the point of going to Wakanda to retrieve the Mind Stone. At the end of the episode, as Spider-Man, Black Panther and Ant-Man take the Mind Stone to Wakanda aboard a Quadjet to cure all zombies, it turns out that all Wakandans have already been infected alongside Thanos, who still has the Infinity Gauntlet with one more socket for the Mind Stone, implying that even as a zombie, Thanos wants to complete his goals of bringing balance to the universe. It's unknown if Thanos succeeded with his goals or if three surviving heroes saved the world.

"What If... Thor Were an Only Child?"

In episode 7, a variant of Thanos is mentioned in an alternate universe where Odin delivered an infant Loki back to Laufey, leading Thor to grow up as an only child into a reckless partying Asgardian god. After Frigga tells him that she is going to Earth to see if he is studying his lessons there, Thor asks his guests to help, but they all make excuses to not help. Among them is Nebula, who tells Thor that Thanos is waiting for her, leading Thor to grow desperate and use his powers to force all the guests to be responsible and clean up their mess.

"What If... Ultron Won?"

In episode 8, a variant of Thanos plays a similar role to the one his original counterpart had in an alternate universe where Ultron defeated the Avengers and brought his "peace" over the Earth. In 2015, shortly after Ultron kills all of the human race minus Black Widow and Hawkeye, Thanos arrives with the Infinity Gauntlet, desiring to take the Mind Stone from Ultron. However, Ultron uses the Mind Stone's powers to quickly bisect Thanos in half, killing him and allowing Ultron to take the Infinity Stones to become more powerful, allowing him to leave the Earth and bringing his "peace" to other worlds until all extraterrestrial life in his universe was gone.

"What If... The Watcher Broke his Oath?"

In episode 9, a variant of Thanos is mentioned in an alternate universe where Tony Stark ended up stranded on Sakaar and Gamora became a warlady. As the Watcher seeks heroes from different universes to face Infinity Ultron, he meets up with Gamora and Stark and refers to Gamora as the "Destroyer of Thanos", indicating that Gamora killed Thanos at some point before this, heavily implied as Gamora was seen melting the Infinity Gauntlet and has an Infinity Crusher than can destroy the Infinity Stones, which likely means that she stopped Thanos from ever doing the Snap and melted his Gauntlet and destroyed the Stones to prevent anyone from finishing what he tried to start.