Sorcerer-Thane Thaurissan is a character in the Warcraft universe. He was the leader of the Dark Iron Dwarves during the War of the Three Hammers. Before and during the war, the plotted against the Bronzebeard and Wildhammer clans for control over Ironforge Mountain. However, he and his clan were defeated and banished from the mountain. He would go on to found the city of Thaurissan (named after himself) in the land that would later become the Searing Gorge.

Years later, the Dark Irons launched simultaneous assaults on the two other clans. Thaurissan personally led the attack on the Bronzebeards in Ironforge, whilst his wife, Queen Modgud, led the assault on the Wildhammer fortress of Grim Batol.

After a long battle, Thaurissan was defeated by Madoran Bronzebeard and fled, realizing that if Modgud had failed to destroy the Wildhammers then he would be caught between the armies of the two clans and destroyed. His suspicions were correct, Modgud having died at the hands of Thane Khardros Wildhammer, though not before cursing the city of Grim Batol and rendering it uninhabitable. With their mistress dead, the army of Modgud was routed, only to be totally annihilated by an army sent by the Bronzebeard clan to relieve the Wildhammers.

Realizing that supremacy over the dwarves could no longer be achieved by his own force of arms and sensing imminent defeat, Thaurissan, along with the Seven, delved into forbidden lore and summoned the great Firelord Ragnaros from the inferno to destroy his foes once and for all. Horribly underestimating the raw power of the Lord of Fire, Thaurissan, the Seven, and many other Dark Irons were killed instantly in the resulting immolation which destroyed an enormous portion of the Redridge Mountains and formed the great black peak of Blackrock Spire.

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