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That fuc*ing cat is fast
~ One of the abusers

The Abusers are minor villains who appear on the anime Date A Live, they only appear in episode 8 during the date of Shidou with Kurumi Tokisaki.

Abusers had less time than the apparition of them offenders, they appeared only 2 minutes from the episode, the abusers were the villains that most aroused anger in Kurumi, she once again by treating humanity as a dump, they were also the only villains anime characters do the shortest apparition, however, like the offenders, they awoke one small circle of hatred on the views by trying to kill a cat.

Rumors say that abusers are involved with killings of animals through the city, like dogs, cats, birds and other animals from the street, during the meeting of Kurumi and Shidou, they dragged a young cat to a small forest, after dragging the cat ate the forest they physically tortured for fun.

They were using bullets of iron that looked like rubber bullets with paint, after Kurumi hear the cries of the cat being tortured, she went to the forest where he saw the group and physically torturing the cat possibly psychologically, however, Kurumi said it sarcatic talking so she could join the fun, she said she had experience in using weapons, after they agree she enters the torture, she said she wanted to change the rules of the game, she said that the new rules should be to change the target, after saying that she was a huge darkness in the area involved, she brutally devoured the entire group, with a exception of one, she captured and made him the target with the blood of others group, whole group after being brutally killed by Kurumi, they left a huge pond of blood in the area.


  • During the Blu ray version (BD) of the first season of Date A Live, there were several scenes deleted scenes, some of it were the corpses of animals during the episode 8, in the same spot where the cat was being tortured.
  • During the light novel volume 3 in Kurumi arc when Shido was home watching TV and lunching with Yoshino and Tohka was said on TV that the Police Departament was Investigating the murder of animals by the city of Tengu, the abusers were behind the murders of animals.
  • They are Considered a minor Big Bad minor the first season.
  • Although they do not have many appearances on the anime, they entered the deepest level of MEH along with Isaac Wescott
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