The Albino is a minor villain in the 1987 fantasy film The Princess Bride.

He was portrayed by the late Mel Smith.


The Albino is Count Rugen's assistant inside the Pit of Despair and is a henchman of Prince Humperdinck. He assisted Rugen in torturing the prisoners of the Pit. 

He first appears when Wesley awakens in the Pit. The Albino is cleaning his shoulder wound and initially speaks in a hoarse, creepy voice, though this is revealed to be just an act and actually has a much more normal sounding voice. He tells Wesley that escape from the Pit was impossible and he was essentially there until he was killed via torture. When Wesley says he can handle torture, the Albino doesn't believe this, conceding that, even though Wesley was brave enough to survive the Fire Swamp, no one could withstand Count Rugen's Machine.

When Rugen starts Wesley on the Machine, the Albino is the one who personally hooks him up while Rugen talks to him about it. He watches Wesley being tortured with a sadistic smile on his face. Though, when Humperdinck storms into the Pit and raises the Machine to the highest setting in a fit of rage, the Albino, like Rugen, is shown to be visibly horrified, showing that he, like Rugen, has at least some degree of morality.

Later, Inigo Montoya and Fezzik, during their search for Wesley, encounter the Albino in the Thieves' Forest pushing a wheelbarrow not far from the Pit of Despair's secret entrance. Inigo holds his sword up to him and demands to know where Wesley is. The Albino is visibly scared when he does this but does not answer. Inigo orders Fezzik to "jog his memory", prompting Fezzik to hit him on the head, but Fezzik hits him too hard, knocking him out.

Though the Albino is not seen again in the film, they later use his wheelbarrow when they infiltrate Prince Humperdinck's castle to stop him from marrying Buttercup.