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| goals = Attack anyone who meets her
| goals = Attack anyone who meets her
| type of villain = Ghost}}
| type of villain = Ghost}}
{{Quote|"The Angry Princess, was a young woman whose beauty, became her ruin"|Cyrus regarding the princess}}

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Dana Newman, chosen to be The Angry Princess by Cyrus Kriticos, is a minor villain, yet major character in Thir13en Ghosts. She was portrayed by Shawna Loyer


Before death

Dana Newman never liked her own beauty, even she possesses the natural look of a goddess. Throughout her life, many abusive boyfriends only emptied her already low self-esteem, leading her to peform many unnecessary plastic surgeries for imagined defects. She eventually got a job as a plastic surgeon assistant, getting paid in surgeries rather than money. One night, alone in the clinic she worked at, Dana attempted a surgery on herself, but it only resulted on her losing an eye and getting mutilated beyond saving. Unable to take it anymore, she commited suicide by slashing herself with a butcher knife. When they found her body, they said that she was "as beautiful in death, as she was in life".


Legend of the Angry Princess

The Angry Princess written and foretold in the Arcanum.

Her ghost is completely naked, showing all of the cuts and slashes around her body. She still carries the knife she used to commit suicide, and her right eye is horribly scarred. Her containment cube is covered in blood, and when she visits the bathroom Kathy is in, the words "I'm sorry" are scribbled in the ground with blood. She is also heard whispering "I'm sorry" when she's nearby.

Role in the movie

Dana is the first ghost to be released after Cyrus' lawyer, Ben Moses, accidentally triggers the Ocularis Infernum. She briefly faces Moses due to him mocking her earlier, but only watches as he is cut in half by a sliding glass door. She later goes to the bathroom Kathy's in (unable to be seen or noticed, as Kathy isn't wearing the glasses), and looks at herself in the mirror in sadness. She is only seen again at the climax, carrying Cyrus to his death, and then leaving with the other ghosts.


  • Her constant whispering of "I'm sorry" might probably mean she thought people didn't like her own existance, thus making her apologize for being born.
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