The Archangel is a portrayal of the Fear of the Afterlife from The Fear Mythos, also representing religious dogma and all things associated with them, most notably seen in the ARG series The North Woods Project.


It comes from The Great Game Verse, where it is described as a twisted bastardization of the afterlife. Once an individual dies, their souls will become part of its afterlife and they will be trapped inside of it for all eternity, effectively a living Hell.

Joseph Steward believed that the exception to becoming a part of the Archangel's afterlife was to be killed by a different Fear. This, he stated, will give you nothingness instead. The Archangel can manifest as any dead person but its favored form is as a figure in a gas mask.   


The North Woods Project

As there are several gases masked cults and religious sects worshipping the Slender Man, the Archangel, and others within The North Woods Project, the Archangel's appearances are distinct within the series, as it appears over corpses in their time of death, and directly harms and physically stabs several characters.

The Archangel cannot speak, but does act as more of a grim reaper of sorts, absorbing all bodies within the Architect Verse into its twisted afterlife.



  • The Archangel is one of the few villains taken from The Fear Mythos in an ARG, another being The Black Dog.
  • The Archangel appears to hunt Alex Henderson almost exclusively. It is speculated to be due to him manipulating time to survive being killed by Robert through unknown means, cheating death.


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