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Hey kids. Put on your hap happiest faces, because The Banana Splits Show is about to begin.
~ Drooper

The Banana Splits are the titular protagonists of the 1968-70 television series of the same name and the villain protagonists of the 2019 film The Banana Splits Movie. They are robotic mascots who go on a killing spree after learning about the show's cancellation.

Bingo voiced by Andre Sogliuzzo, Fleegle was voiced by Jim Cummings and Drooper was voiced by Carlos Alarzaqui.


The Splits start out as goofy, happy go lucky mascots who star on The Banana Splits Show. When young Harley and his family attend a taping of the show for Harley’s birthday, the mascots overhear the director of the show tell Rebecca, the producer, the show’s been cancelled, and they embark on a killing spree. Fleegle and Drooper make Rebecca and Parker’s father go on a slippery obstacle course, while Drooper films the action. Rebecca slips, spraining her fingers, and Parker’s father slips and lands on his face. When they make it to the end, Fleegle stabs Parker‘s father with the blue key, and pushes him off the top, killing him, and when Rebecca lands in the ball pit, Drooper smashes her head with his hammer, killing her. While looking for a way out, Harley, Zoe and Parker come across Snorky. Harley attempts to convince him to help them, Snorky redeems himself and agrees to help them.



Bingo is an orange gorilla wearing a pair of white sunglasses.


Fleegle is a dog wearing a bow tie.


Drooper is a lion with a red nose and wearing a pair of yellow sunglasses.


Snorky is a mute elephant wearing a pair of pink sunglasses. He is the only member of the Banana Splits who helps Harley and his family.



  • These versions of them are robots which were in fact based on the original version and the characters from Five Nights at Freddy's.
  • The film itself only exists because it was going to be a Five Night at Freddy's live-action film, but they could not keep the rights of Five Nights, which made them hastily obtain the rights of Banana Splits and use them instead - the events of the movie are still largely unchanged from how they were going to play for FNAF.
  • The dramatic change of Banana Splits from a children's show to a R rated gory horror film has led the film to gain infamy, with both fans of the absurdity and critics who object to the sudden (and officially approved) change of tone. Others complained by saying that the film is very offensive and bloody-disgusting.


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