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The Barbarian is the first boss in the NES video game Ninja Gaiden.


The Barbarian was born and raised in Brazil. His entire life changed when he was an adult. It started when The Barbarian killed a small number of people in Brazil. He then went on a rampage and killed people in other South American countries. The natives started to fear The Barbarian. As a result, he was nicknamed the Executioner of South America.

The Barbarian was eventually noticed by a sorcerer named Jaquio. He was recruited as a lieutenant of Jaquio's evil forces.

In 1989, The Barbarian was sent to kill the ninja Ryu Hayabusa who was on a mission to find two demon statues. He searched New York City until he found the ninja in a vacant bar. A fight began between them.

Despite the Barbarian's large size and massive bladed weapon, he was outmatched by Ryu's superior fighting skills. The Barbarian was defeated and died.



  • The Barbarian is the weakest boss in Ninja Gaiden.
  • The Barbarian shares many attributes with horror icons from the 1980s.


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