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The Barbarian is the first boss in the NES video game Ninja Gaiden.


The Barbarian was born and raised in Brazil. As an adult, his entire life changed. It began when The Barbarian killed a small number of people in Brazil. He started a rampage and killed more people. His rampage expanded and he killed people in other South American counteries. The natives started to fear The Barbarian. As a result, he was nicknamed the Executioner of South America. The Barbarian's murders caught the attention of Jaquio who was a dark sorcerer. Jacquio recruited The Barbarian and he became a lieutant of Jacquio's evil forces. One day, The Barbarian was sent to kill the ninja Ryu Hayabusa who was on a mission to find two demon statues. He found Ryu in a bar that was abandoned.


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