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Our strength lies in unity, our faith that keeps our flock together. It is through our faith that we protect them, direct them, keep them from disappearing in this desert...
~ The Baron to Giul, describing his ideology.

The Baron (Russian: Барон) is the main antagonist of the Caspian Arc in Metro Exodus. He serves as the leader of the Munai-bailer, an army of raiders he commandeer who control the entire oil reserves of the vast dried-out Caspian Sea.



The Baron presumably started out as a Svarog Oil employee when the war broke out. He and his group took control of a vast oil reserve and used their resources to enslave the local population around the Caspian Sea.

Despite being a brutal tyrant, the Baron is able to fully justify his actions, claiming that he is civilizing the "primitive" tribals and giving them purpose. He believes that slavery preferable to the way the tribals were living before he arrived. At some point, the Baron created the religion of the the "Holy Flame", since he knew he could not oppress his slaves solely through force for a prolonged period of time.

Metro Exodus

The Baron is first heard over the radio after Artyom steals Saul's van. He will periodically deliver speeches to his men, as well as communicate to Artyom himself. He isn't seen in person until the end of the level where, if Artyom did not attack his men, he will try to make a deal with him. He offers Artyom fuel for his journey in exchange for Giul. This deal is offered at gunpoint, however, but before Artyom is shot, Giul attacks the Baron and his men.

The Baron is able to escape and locks himself in a room while Artyom and Giul are forced to fight off his men. Giul decides to sneak through the window and get the Baron while Artyom fights off more of the Baron's men. Eventually, Damir arrives, and together they break into the Baron's room, only to discover the Baron dangling Giul off a ledge. Fortunately, an explosion causes the Baron to lose his balance and let go of Giul.

While Damir helps Giul, Artyom fights the Baron, but the latter blindsides him by hitting him with his staff. As Artyom and the Baron struggle on the ground, the tyrant is shot in the head by Anna.


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