Taste my holy wrath, corrupt souls.
~ The Batter

The Batter is the main protagonist villain of the indie RPG OFF. His mission is to "purify" the world by destroying it.


The Batter is completely focused on his mission of purifying the world and shows no emotion or remorse during the game. He lacks any care for the results of his conquests within the various Zones, that is to say, their imminent destruction after their respective guardian is killed.

He claims that the "Pure" white, washed out worlds which remain devoid of all life except for the Secretaries after their Purification are "better this way." In the end, it's up to the player if they want to side with the Batter and help him finish off the world or to side with the Judge and try to save what little is left of it.

However, the canon ending of the game is the one in which the Batter wins - achieving his goal of reducing the world to nothing. His Bad Batter form seen during the final boss has been mentioned to not, in fact, be another form, but instead just what the player and the Judge see him as after they realize his true nature and being.

He is not human but takes the form of a humanoid being. It is unknown what he is, but he is sentient. While the player controls him, the final boss fight proves that he can choose out of his own will of what he does. The Queen loved him and still does, though the Batter does not appear to repay that love, as he kills her along with his "father", Hugo.