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The Beast, called Drakov in the European release, is the leader of the Bandit Raiders and an antagonist in Advance Wars: Days of Ruin, serving as the main antagonist for the first ten chapters.


The Beast was originally a sergeant in the Rubinelle military. But after a meteor strike occurred and devastated the world, the Beast became a raider. Therefore, he heads a traitorous gang of bandits to spread pillaging and destruction all across the wasteland.

The Beast and his gang attempted to kill Will after he dug himself out of the ruins of the Rubinelle Military Academy, but they are driven off by Brenner and his 12th Battalion. The Beast and his bandits later tried raiding survivor camps and villages, but they were again thwarted by the 12th Battalion.

The Beast was later contacted by Caulder and given a volatile serum that enhanced his strength and increased his aggression, as well as a surplus of weapons to use against the 12th Battalion. Attempting one last attack on the 12th Battalion, the Beast is defeated again and promptly left to die by Caulder, having "served his purpose".


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