Beast (demon)

The Beast is a evil demon from the Marvel Comics series and serves as a major antagonist to Daredevil in his series as the head deity of The Hand a group of evil ninjas.


The Beast's history is unknown but it is tied into the Hand.Many of the Hand's mystic powers inlcludes ressurection may have come from him.The Beast is rarely active but he influceses them with his nilithsium and annlialtion. The beast briefly took over Onehand's corpse to toruted a resurrected tenfingers as punishment for his failures for his theft from the Church of sheltering hands.

He later makes a deal for Lui Wei's soul in exchange for restoring Sam Chung's sight. Sam then reconsidered the deal instead offering Daredevil's soul in place of his mother's but Daredevil makes him snap out from the Hand's influence and the two escape. Shortly after wards Sam fought the supervillain Muse then Demon still attempted to posses him once again.The beast attempted to conicvice him to use his power to defeat Muse which Sam initially accepted but refuse to kill him and the Beast then sends Manhatten to siege which caused the civilians and police to be paralized.

During Shadowland The Beasts possessed Daredevil and nearly pushed him into the brink of Evil but Iron Fist manage to purse the Beast's influence from him.

Powers and Abilities

As a demon he posses superhuman strength, speed, stamina, and durability as well as use magic.

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