Eat or be eaten.
~ The Beast

The Beast is the main antagonist of Stuart Little 3: Call of the Wild. She is a ruthless cougar who lives in the woods and threatens to kill the animals if they don't bring her enough food.

She is voiced by Virginia Madsen, who also played the Ghost of Cleopatra in Scooby-Doo in Where's My Mummy?.


The Beast is a cougar who lives in the woods and all she wants to do is kill all of the animals if they do not bring her enough food.

Towards the beginning of the film, Reeko shows up without any tribute and brings his way out with a promise of bringing double his quota next time. When the time came and he has nothing to show for it, he cons Snowbell into going to fill his debt. When the Beast notices Snowbell's thick, luxurious fur, she decides to make a rug out of him so she would have something warm to lie on during the winter. She only refrains from eating him when he suggests that she had fatten him up first to have a bigger rug.

When Stuart learns that the Beast has taken Snowbell prisoner, he sets out to rescue him. Later, with the help of Reeko and the other forest animals, he succeeds in trapping her, whereupon she is captured and sent to a zoo in a helicopter. She is likely ill-received there, as the pilot who takes her away notes that they would have to tranquilize her and shave off her fur to get rid of Reeko's spray.


  • Although she is a cougar, her vocal sound effects are a mixture of big cats such as lions, tigers, leopards, cheetahs and jaguars.
  • Unlike the first two Stuart Little villains, Smokey and Falcon, as they are male, the Beast is the first (and so far only) female villain in the franchise, and has no minion of her own. Otherwise, Monty would have become one to her after Smokey possibly died.


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