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Don't speak. Your fur is so soft. It's not like the other animals in the forest. Theirs is coarse with burrs. But yours is clean and silky.
~ The Beast wanting Snowbell's fur.
Should I eat you in one bite, or should I knock you around first? You know how we cats like to play with our food.
~ The Beast about to eat Stuart.

The Beast is the main antagonist of the 2005 computer animated film Stuart Little 3: Call of the Wild. She is a ruthless and sadistic cougar who dwells in the forest of Lake Garland and terrorizes the animals by forcing them to bring her food every night as part of a tribute to herself. She also serves as Reeko's master and slave-driver.

She was voiced by Virginia Madsen, who also played the Ghost of Cleopatra in Scooby-Doo in Where's My Mummy?.



The Beast is a ferocious, sadistic and ruthless cougar who lives in a cave on the other side of the forest of Lake Garland and all she wants to do is kill all of the animals in the woods if they do not bring her enough food.

Stuart Little 3: Call of the Wild

She was first seen when Reeko showed up without any tribute and bringed his way out with a promise of bringing double his quota next time. The Beast was next seen when Stuart, who was hiking with the Lake Scouts, Troopmaster Bickle, Frederick and George, ended up getting lost and accidentally stepped on a stick while trying to find his way back, attracting the Beast's attention. When Stuart ended up meeting Reeko after the skunk tried to steal his chocolate and mistook him for the Beast, they are suddenly ambushed by the real Beast, although they barely managed to escape.

Later, after soon befriending Stuart and being invited to dinner with his family, Reeko, deciding that the food given to the Beast isn't enough, finds Snowbell and tries to persuade him to come into the forest at night for a supposed party. Snowbell refuses to go at first because of the Beast, but Reeko fools him by saying that all of those stories about the Beast are false and that he is more hip than Stuart. That night, Snowbell arrives at the Beast's location believing it to be a party, but it was revealed that Reeko had lied to him because he had actually lured Snowbell into the Beast's trap before he then encounters the Beast herself and passes out after she strikes fear into him by roaring in his face. Soon after capturing Snowbell and taking him to her cave, the Beast noticed his thick fur and plotted to make a rug out it before attempting to eat Snowbell. Instead, Snowbell suggests that she fatten him up first, so that way she can have a bigger rug. The Beast then puts Snowbell into a pit and starts to fatten him up by feeding him a revolting variety of sticks, mud, leaves, and worms.

Upon having observed Snowbell getting kidnapped, Stuart attempts to convince his family and the Scouts the next morning of the truth about his friend getting taken, although they didn't believe him as they think Stuart's stories are false and saying to him that the Beast isn't real. With no choice and with nobody else to help him, Stuart sets out to rescue Snowbell alone, but also learns along the way that Reeko was responsible for his friend's disappearance, knowing that he had been secretly working for the Beast the entire time and ends his friendship with him. After approaching the Beast's cave and being able to sneak past the Beast without her noticing while she is sleeping, Stuart rescues Snowbell from the pit. On their way out, the two are cornered by the Beast, but Stuart uses salt and pepper to overwhelm her which causes the Beast to sneeze and fall off a cliff into a river below before he and Snowbell quickly make their escape. After Stuart and Snowbell set up a trap for the Beast as they hope she will fall into it just as she eventually catches up to them, the plan fails when the Beast sees through the trap after Snowbell accidentally exposes it before lunging at Stuart. After kicking Snowbell out of the way when he tried to intervene, the Beast attempts to devour Stuart for food.

However, she is suddenly confronted by Reeko since he had realized what he'd done while the forest animals, who originally disliked Reeko, also show up upon having a change of heart that they should decide to help Reeko. Reeko blinds the Beast by spraying on her, allowing the animals to taunt her and for Stuart to lure her into the trap, whereupon she is finally captured by falling into it. That night, Stuart and Snowbell are reunited with Stuart's family and the Scouts, who were searching for Stuart upon having found out he was missing (since Eleanor had found a note left by Stuart saying that he had gone off to rescue Snowbell) in which Stuart then presents to them the captured Beast, much to their surprise and amazement upon realizing that Stuart had proved to them that the Beast is actually real. The next day, Stuart earns a gold kerchief from Troopmaster Bickle and regains his friendship with Reeko while the Beast is sent away to a zoo in a helicopter as the pilot notes that they would have to tranquilize her and shave off her fur to get rid of Reeko's spray.


The Beast is shown to be an egotistical, sadistic and ruthless predator who enjoys terrorizing her victims. She had Reeko and the forest animals as her slaves and forced them to bring her food every night while threatening to kill them all if they do not succeed. When she kidnapped Snowbell, the Beast became obsessed with his fur and forced Snowbell to gain weight by eating grubs in order to make a rug out of him for the winter.


  • Although she is a cougar, her roaring and growling sound effects are a mixture of Panthera cats (lions, tigers, leopards, and jaguars), presumably to show her from the point of view of smaller creatures like Stuart.
    • Interestingly, some of her purring sound effects are from cheetahs.
  • Unlike the first two Stuart Little villains Smokey and Falcon as they are male, the Beast is the first (and so far only) female villain in the franchise and with no minion of her own.
  • While she lives in New York state, cougars were exterminated in the eastern region in real-life.


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