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The Being of Light is the main antagonist of the comedy manga series The Great Jahy Will Not Be Defeated! being responsible for the Demon Realm's destruction and Jahy's predicament.


An unknown creature, the Being of Light rescued Kyoko Jingu when she nearly drowned and promised her great power if she destroyed the mystical gems and the Demon Realm. Becoming a Magical Girl, Kyoko destroyed the Demon Realm thus causing Jahy to become stranded on Earth with little of her power remaining. For reasons uncertain, the Being of Light wants to eradicate all demonkind even if some demons did not have a chance to act maliciously or were otherwise reformed, though the likeliest interpretation is it simply hating demons.

After Jahy made it her goal of reclaiming enough gems to resurrect the Demon Realm, the Being of Light elects Saurva as another agent of it after noticing how the envious demon girl would unknowingly do good deeds whilst trying to usurp Jahy from her status as the second-in-command. As such, Saurva is endowed with the Being of Light's powers and goes to challenge Jahy. Unfortunately for her, her powers more than immediately disappear.

Apparently, the Being of Light had done enough to the point where its presence became an urban legend stating that it would appear to anyone asking if they wanted power. If so, their souls were sucked from their bodies and they became mindless husks. Jahy would end up meeting the enigmatic entity after being creeped out by the story and it asks her if she wanted power. When Jahy refused it, the Being of Light then asked her to hand over the mystical gems.

Fortunately for her, Druj arrives at first believing that Jahy was baiting herself. They both decide to work together to defeat the Being of Light, but because they wasted the entire time talking to each other, the entity escaped.