We give 'em a weapon. Give 'em a fightin' chance. It's kinda like, our tradition, passed down, father to son. 'Course, only one or two a year. Never enough to bring the law down, we never been that sloppy.
~ Pa Bender explains how he and his family hunt their victims.

The Benders are a family of cannibalistic hunters who live in Minnesota. They serve as the main antagonists of the Season 1 episode of Supernatural of the same name. They consist of a father - who is only simply referred to as "Pa" - his two sons, Lee and Jared, and his daughter, named Missy.


They first capture Sam when he and Dean are investigating an earlier disappearance. Dean and a local deputy named Kathleen then go looking for Sam (Kathleen agrees to help Dean because her brother had also been captured) and discover the Benders' home. Missy manages to trick Kathleen and lock her up alongside Sam. Dean sneaks into the house to try and rescue them, but is captured himself and interrogated by the whole family. Pa Bender threatens Dean with a hot poker, forcing him to decide which would be hunted, Sam or Kathleen. Dean chooses Sam, but instead of deciding to hunt him, Pa orders Lee to shoot Sam in his cage, then shoot Kathleen too.

Sam is, thankfully, able to escape from the cage and beats Lee into unconsciousness. When he doesn't return, Pa and Jared go to investigate. They get into a scuffle with Sam and Kathleen, which results in Jared being knocked unconscious. Kathleen corners Pa and demands to know why he killed her brother, shooting him point blank when he replies simply because he thinks it's fun. Dean is able to escape by locking Missy in a closet.

It is unknown what happened to Jared, Lee and Missy after the episode, though it is likely that they were arrested.


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