The Betrayer, also as the "Dark Master" and "The Betrayed", is the main villain of the second season of the 2009 animated sci-fan TV series Huntik: Secrets and Seekers. He is an incredibly powerful and dangerously treacherous undead being who wishes to destroy the earth. He is the oppressive leader of Blood Spiral Clan. He is the archenemy of both Lok Lambert and the Huntik Foundation.

The Betrayer serves as the minor character until the end of the series where he finaly appears and nearly succeeds in his plans. He was sealed within the Spiral Mark by Lord Casterwill and when that is revealed it is shown that The Betrayer is ancient and was the arch-enemy of the Casterwill family.

The Blood Spiral clan worships him as their god, and would follow any of his orders, some of the members were brainwashed by him.

He also has the Legendary Titan of Betrayal. He is nearly immortal and can do almost anything he wants.

Powers and Abilities

The Betrayer is an exceedingly strong Seeker, having defeated Dante Vale in battle and nearly rendering him immobile with the Shadowlock spell. However, his only weakness is the Blood Spiral Mark underneath his cloak.

As the leader of the Blood Spiral Brotherhood, he may also have access to most of their magical spells.

The Betrayer's personal and primary Titan is Demigorgan, The Legendary Titan of Betrayal.

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