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If There Once Was A Small Good Wolf
~ The message appearing on the screen after the Super Why tried to change the sentence without doing in hopes to kill wolf.

The Big Bad Wolf is the first antagonist of the Super Why Series.


He Debuts In The First Episode Of Super Why. In this story, they travel in the book of The Three Little Pigs and Jill from Jack and Jill stomps on Pig's Blocks.


The episode begins in Storybrook Village, a town in Reader Valley, where Whyatt travells to where Pig lives, where Jill stomps on his blocks, Heard a ringtone on his handheld "Super Duper Computer", Whyatt Beanstalk|Whyatt calls out a super big problem, and calls the super readers, and summons the readers to the Book Club and investigate the problem, and suddenly, Princess Pea picks out the story, "The Three Little Pigs", In the story, Princess Pea says "Presto", Whyatt Beanstalk|Whyatt introduces to read the story of the Three Little Pigs, but the Big Bad Wolf blew the house down in the story, Pig|Alpha Pig built a sign for which way the wolf went, In the first obstacle, the Super Readers find the alphabet, The second obstacle, where Little Red Riding Hood|Red introduces the words to find the wolf they were looking for, and suddenly, the wolf was found, The third obstacle is changing the story and saving the day, and accidentally got a small wolf, so the obstacle of spelling turned the wolf to big, and found the Super Letters and went back to the Book Club on their Why Flyers, ending the episode.


  • The Three Little Pigs
  • The Three Little Pigs:Return Of The Wolf
  • Mixed Up Fairy Tales
  • The Big Game

Notes & trivia

  • Wolfster|Woofster was absent in Season 1


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