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 The Big Time is one of the strongest members of Thumb Wrestling Federation, a recurring antagonist, and the second in command of the evil Sinistras. He often interacts with, and sometimes bullies, fans.


As a kid Big Time was the toughest and most popular kid in school. He later made his way to the TWF. In season one he dominated all his opponents and even got Senator Skull disqualified so he could get into the championship. During the championship final he and Hometown Huck were evenly matched (although Big Time failed to take advantage of Evil Ira's attempts to slow down Huck from the sidelines). With both of them down Huck was pushed on top of him by Dextera superfan Pinky, so the Big Time lost. In season two Skull got revenge by disqualifying Big Time. In season four The Big Time quit after Bucks Gazillion interfered with his match. He later helped Senator Skull overthrow Bucks. In season 5 he once again ploughed through all his opponents and made it to the championship where he fought Dextera newcomer Cleat Cunningham but lost again after a ruse that was designed to destabilize the Dexteras was debunked.

Special Attack

His special attack is called the time bomb. The Big Time always starts it by telling an opponent he or she is about to get "Turbo-timed" than asking fans "What Time Is It?" When he unleashes it, it causes a giant explosion of power onto his opponent. Few have walked away from the time bomb.

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