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Villain Overview

O.K. Hey, you, in the mall, listen! We don't like people who don't share. You just f***ed up REAL bad!
~ Jack to the mall survivors.

The Bikers, also known as just the Bikers, are the main human antagonists of the 1978 cult zombie horror film Dawn of the Dead. They planned to overtake the mall from the survivors inside and loot the stores within all while causing chaos among the dead and survivors by any means necessary.

They were portrayed by a varied list of actors, including Tom Savini as Blades and Taso N. Stavrakis as Sledge.


Although all members of the gang are varied in their appearances and attitudes, they all belong to the same group of survivors. Although not originally a threat to the living, the bikers are willing to resort to violence to satisfy their humor and needs as seen when they threatened Stephen, Francine, and Peter over the radio after being denied entry to the mall.

Similar to stereotypical bikers, they ride bikes and brandish guns and weapons. They appear to be mostly humane as they only target the undead in the mall as they loot the stores and only attack Peter and Stephen after the later attempts to shoot some of them down. As Peter stated, they weren't after them.

As with most of the remaining survivors of the world, they appear to try and find ways to cope with the world falling apart and the dead around them as seen when they take their anger out on the undead, throw pies at them, and such forth within the mall.

Their ranges of intelligence range as some appear dumber then others with their decisions within the mall and how they react to the shootout. In the end, some show they do care for their fellow members when they are almost shot or attacked by the undead.

Despite not really intending to cause many of their deaths or the death of Stephen, they resulted in the zombies retaking the mall and many members deaths from their reckless actions.

Although not really evil, they just like many other survivors seemingly snapped and couldn't handle the end of the world and resorted to violence, theft, and more to cope as seen with their actions. They also were solely responsible for the mall being overrun once again and the death of Stephen Andrews.



The bikers originated in Pennsylvania, USA and seemed to be a group for several years prior to the apocalypse and did typical biker activities. As shown with some evidence within the film, Jack served as the experienced leader and one of the older bikers of the gang. Serving underneath him appeared to be Blades and Sledge among other members of the gang.

Dawn of the Dead

In the aftermath of the phenomena outbreak of the dead returning to life, the bikers remained nomadic and stockpiled with supplies as they came across opportunities to grab and secure some leverage. Armed with their varied weapons, they used their advantage in numbers to threaten survivors they came across to acquire more supplies and to let their frustrations out.

As time progressed months after the initial infections, millions have turned undead and have risen as the undead rise in numbers on the daily. The bikers grew more reckless and willing to do violent acts more and more as opposed to their normal amount prior to the outbreak.

Upon seeing one of the main characters/survivors, Francine Parker, keeping residence in a mall and taking helicopter flying lessons and upon radio talking with the other survivors alongside Francine in a pilot named Stephen Andrews and a SWAT member and officer Peter Washington. The conversation turned hostile after the trio denied entrance to the bikers leading to a annoyed and pissed Jack to threaten them with encouragement and laughter from the group and that they don't like people who don't share.

The bikers plan to conquer and loot the mall and cause mayhem for their own pleasure and to stockpile. As Stephen and Peter watch from the top of the mall, they spot the oncoming headlights of multiple motorcycles and vans as they prepare to fight back. Armed with guns and weapons, the bikers break through the mall barriers the survivors had set up and Blades leads a large group into the mall while also indirectly/directly allowing hundreds and hundreds of zombies back into the mall.

Stephen and Peter arrive from their safe house within the mall backrooms and prepare to stop the ambush as they lock several barriers to keep space between them and the bikers. Armed as well, Stephen is ready to shoot at them but Peter radios him to not do so as he states they are not after them.

In the ensuring chaos, the bikers attack and kill dozens of zombies through various means and even get pies from a freezer within a store and throw them at the zombies sparking amusement from many of them as they do so. Jack holds himself and other members outside the mall to fight the oncoming hordes and allow the bikers inside time.

Idiotically, Stephen wanting to prove himself, begins to shoot at the bikers forcing Peter to do so as well to help cover for him. Blades, Tallo, and a few others to engage back against the others. Blades and two others corner Peter to a vent with a ladder set up. Francine hearing the commotion, causes a mall blackout and this allows Peter to safely escape up the vent and gun down the two bikers with Blades as he chases him to the vent and shouts insults at him while slashing his manchette against the grate.

Elsewhere, the bikers continue to loot stores and steal items such as jewelry from the undead. Eventually, Sledge and the others attempt to call the group out of the mall as the dead have became a overwhelming threat and that they have gotten all they need. As the bikers begin to flee the mall, Blades is shot off the upper balcony by Peter from the vent and falls to his death in the malls coin pond.

Stephen eventually retreats into the elevator shaft but Francine accidentally restarts the elevator causing two bikers to gain entry where they hear and notice Stephen above, one of them shoots and hits Stephen in the shoulder wounding him as they flee in laughter. Stephen later falls from the top to the bottom inside the shaft and radios Peter for help. However, Stephen is soon ambushed while trying to reclimb the shaft by some of the undead and is bitten several times, although he eventually fights them out of the elevator and guns down two of them before collapsing in the shaft and realizing his condition. Stephen is later gunned down by Peter after reanimation.

Peter in a rage, guns down several more bikers and eventually from their own mistakes, several bikers including Sledge and Pedro are devoured and attacked by horde of the undead as the other surviving bikers regather and escape with their goods and flee from the now overrun mall. Peter and Francine later escape as well leaving the mall completely to the undead.


Bold - indicates those who are deceased

  • Jack (Leader)
  • Blades (Second-in-command)
  • Sledge (Second-in-command)
  • Mousey
  • Charlie
  • Pedro
  • Weezer
  • Nick
  • Ken
  • Frank
  • Slick
  • Chickie
  • Ratso
  • Bobby
  • Butchie
  • Lenny
  • Timmy
  • Tallo
  • Larry
  • Teddy
  • Joe
  • Gary
  • Davey
  • Many unnamed members (male and female)

Victims and Deaths

These are the victims and possible victims of the bikers:

  • Many unnamed zombies (male and female)
  • Possibly many unnamed people (not confirmed, but inferred)
  • Stephen Andrews (Indirectly caused) - shot in the shoulder by a unnamed member and later bitten several times by multiple zombies. Later succumbed to his infection and was later shot in the head by Peter.

The following members of the bikers who died during the course of the mall raid, may it be from their own actions or others around them including the survivors and the undead:

  • Two unnamed male bikers - gunned down by Peter Washington
  • Blades - shot off a balcony by Peter Washington and fell to his death in the mall fountain.
  • unnamed male member - shot down by Stephen Andrews.
  • Sledge - devoured by zombies.
  • Pedro - devoured by zombies.
  • Mousey - devoured by zombies.
  • Lenny - devoured by zombies.
  • Larry - shot in the back left shoulder by Peter Washington and devoured by zombies.
  • Chickie - shot in the back by Peter Washington.
  • Frank - devoured by zombies.


  • Famed makeup artist Tom Savini and assistant and friend Taso N. Stavrakis did most of the gore makeup effects for the film as well as the stunts involved. They also both played major biker members Blades and Sledge respectively.
  • Several members of the marauding band of bikers were played by members of the local chapter of the Pagans Motorcycle Club. The elaborate motorcycles they drove were their own.
  • The horror movie YouTube channel, Dead Meat, gave the bikers who were devoured by zombies the "golden chainsaw" for best death(s) of the film.