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Lanie Bouchard, better known as the The Birch is one of the most popular monsters in the CryptTV universe. She serves as a supporting character in the short film and the titular main antagonist of the Facebook Watch series of the same name. While initially appearing anti-villainous in nature, both her as a human and as the Birch do some acts some may find villainous.

She was portrayed by Midori Francis as Lanie, Dee Sherwood Wallace in the original short film, and Brady Romberg as the Birch in the Facebook watch series.



Lanie Bouchard was an orphaned girl and the adoptive daughter of Don and Rachel Bouchard, after surviving a fire which killed her biological parents in an attempted murder-suicide, from birth, she had the ability to manipulate the forest around her, and would always use the spell "For thee who makest me, I shall come, thee who breaks me shall come undone" and at a young age, she forcefully aborted Rachel from pregnancy, killing the baby inside of her just so she could remain their only child. At the age of seventeen, she was impregnated by her boyfriend, Thad, after he forced himself on her, with whom she conceived her daughter, Laura, whom her adoptive parents attempted to separate her from, much to Lanie's disapproval.

Lanie would constantly sneak into Laura's room against their wishes, and would attempt to move away with her alongside a young boy whom she had befriended, unfortunately, Don and her uncle found her in the cabin along with Laura as she was sleeping, despite Lanie killing her uncle, Don managed to sedate her, taking her to an underground mental asylum run by a doctor who worked for Don and Rachel. Lanie eventually killed the doctor, and broke out into the woods, after returning to her old home and attempted to rescue her daughter, Lanie kills Don with her branches, and Rachel runs into the basement carrying Laura, poisoning her to death in the process, much to Lanie's devastation. Unable to cope with the death of her daughter, Lanie finds her adoptive mother weeping in the forest and hugs her, albeit killing her in the process by making her full transformation into her Birch form, and thus Lanie Bouchard died and the Birch was born, tearfully burying her daughter's corpse into the forest.

Several years later, Evie Grayson had been told about the Birch, and when told how to summon the Birch, she did so, the two of them then formed a mother-daughter relationship, as Evie had lost her mother to drug abuse prior to that time. Evie had a strong hatred towards the Polks, particularly Thurston Polk, as she had blamed them for her mother's death, so most of the people the Birch targeted for Evie were people connected to Thurston Polk, after they had threatened her upon witnessing a manslaughter at their hands. However, much later, when Evie accidentally puts Thurston's little brother Gavin in the Birch's crosshair, Evie breaks all ties with her, and later learns that the Birch didn't love her at all. She formed an alliance with Thurston and attempted to stop the Birch, she also tried to kill herself to prevent the Birch from keeping her, but was quickly subdued by police, who were then dispatched by the Birch, leading to Evie being pulled underground.

This eventually stopped however, as one of Lanie's former friends, a young boy who had previously summoned her, helped Evie escape from Lanie's underground lair, taunting her about not being a real mother. The Birch continued to hunt Evie, as well as the older sister of another boy she'd kidnapped, as Evie had taken Laura, who was now turned into a tree monster just like Lanie. Eventually Evie returned to Lanie's lair, and freed the rest of the children she'd captured, and later disintegrated the Birch, however, it is unknown if the Birch is truly dead, as Evie was impaled afterwards and was last seen holding Laura underground with her.


Before becoming the Birch, Lanie Bouchard was a troubled yet sweet girl in her teen years (though she did kill an unborn baby in her younger years) but once her daughter Laura was born, things completely spiraled downward for her, and it was Laura's death that mentally decimated Lanie. As the Birch, she is manipulative and cruel, willing to do anything for the person who summons her, only to keep them all for herself later on. She initially appears as if she cares for the person she protects, but in fact, is truly manipulating them, and once she no longer needs them, she traps them underground with her. She even attempted to kill Gavin Polk, who was merely ten years old, all because Evie accidentally targeted him.


  • The Birch's symbol can be seen in "The Mordeo" and "Milk & Cookies II".
  • Lanie can be considered a hypocrite, as she never felt any remorse for killing Rachel's unborn baby, yet she got upset when Don, Rachel, and Evie threatened to kill hers.
  • The Birch has her own Facebook watch series, alongside the Mordeo, the Look-See, the Sunny Family Cult, and the Kinderfanger.
  • The Birch has a skin in Dead by Daylight.


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