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The Bishop is a major antagonist in the videogame Dante's Inferno. He is only seen during cutscenes.


The Bishop is the "holy man" who deceives Dante and the other Crusaders into thinking they will be forgiven for all their sins for taking part in The Crusades. However, both Dante and Francesco immediately began to realize the Bishop's false promise of salvation after going to Hell and soon realize that their cause was by no means holy as he said it was. Lucifer also referred to the bishop as a "salesmen of salvation" alluding to the fact that he could not forgive sins.

In the comic by Diego Latorre, this Bishop also appears in the third pit of the Malebolgias where Dante criticizes him for lying about the Crusade.

The bishop, in a last-ditch effort to trick him, tells Dante his superiors lied to him as well. Dante then cuts him in a half with his Scythe.


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