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The Blackbird is the main antagonist of the Fazbear Frights short story "Blackbird".


The Blackbird is a fictional character ideated by Nole and his friend Sam for the film they're making for their filmography class. He's inspired by both the animatronics at Freddy's and Poe's "The Raven". In the narrative Nole and Sam create, The Blackbird will haunt the main character, forcing him to reveal his darkest secrets. With the help of his mom and his dad, Sam creates a costume for the character, and, on Saturday, he meets with Nole on the set to start recording the film. Jokingly, they ask each other what are their darkest secrets. Nole reveal he used to bully a girl named Christine (who was overweight and poor) when he was twelve, but, despite declaring he isn't proud of it, he doesn't seem much sorry for what he did, and still find his actions pretty funny. Sam, who was himself a victim of bullism due to the lenght of his legs, is unsettled and leaves the set with his costume. Later that day, discovers that Sam has been ran over by a train, and declared missing. His body wasn't found, but there are black feathers and blood on the tracks. Nole starts thinking this may have been his fault, and that Sam was distracted because he was upset for what he said and didn't pay attention. Nole starts perceiving a presence following him. When he attempts to sleep, he feels stuck in some kind of state between asleep and awakened, and attacked by The Blackbird, who vanishes when a ray of light enters into the room. He figures out Sam has somehow come back from the death and is punishing him for his past actions, haunting The Blackbird's costume, and that he's now planning to toy with him at first and then kill him. The attacks of the creature keeps repeating whenever Nole tries to sleep. Every time, the monster vanishes after torturing him. Once, he feels The Blackbird sitting on him pressing against his chest and preventing him from breathing, while he's stuck in his own body, unable to move but still perfectly conscious, and he feels like he's being dragged to another realm where The Blackbird will torture him, maybe forever. He's only saved thanks to the arrive of his fraternity brother Ian, who enters into the room, making The Blackbird vanish. Following the advice of her classmate love interest Amber, Nole decides to apologize to Christine, hoping that will make The Blackbird stop haunting him. Escaping from The Blackbird, who keeps stalking him, he finally manages to find Christine , who decides to forgive him. Nole then discovers Sam has been found, alive and with a broken leg, meaning The Blackbird wasn't him. The two meet again and reconcile, whereas The Blackbird apparently stopped following Nole after his apology to Christine.


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